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Dario Bisanti, from Naples to NASA: will build a space radio telescope

This is a story Dario Bisanti, aeronautical engineer at Unina Federico II in Naples and a doctoral student in cosmology, space science and space technology at the Southern High School.

Dario Besanti is hired by NASA

Tells the young researcher in Naples That it all started with Space Apps Challenge Naples 2016: Together with his group, he won the Neapolitan version of the hackathon with a project on solving robotic navigation on Mars. His research path continues with other activities and initiatives, such as Lab2Moon as part of the Google Lunar X Prize. It is an international student competition won by a project on radiation protection systems on lunar soil – and participation in the ESA-European Space Agency’s Equivalent Flight Campaign – where he tested a space experiment in microgravity conditions.

Dario is 27 years old and a trainee at NASA JPL is working on the lunar crater radio telescope project.

NASA JPL chose me specifically for the nature of my interdisciplinary background in Southern High School, which combines cosmology and aerospace engineering, which is exactly the purpose of my Ph.D.“Happy Dario.

The project includes building a radio telescope on the hidden surface of the moon“, he has I finish.

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