Sunday, July 21, 2024

Dancing with the Stars: Morgan slams Silvagia Lucarelli


After clashing during the final episode of the talent show Millie Carlucci, the singer-songwriter announced legal action against Lucarelli.

after, after angry fight that happened during the last episode of Dancing with the Stars between Morgan and Selvagia LucarelliThe eccentric singer-songwriter in Milan announced that he’s done it mentioned Well-known TV commentator, again this year in the jury of the talent show he hosted Millie Carlucci. During his last appointment with Rai1, Lucarelli Samba Morgan was known as “One of those Amazonian tribes dances after they lick a frog.”. At these words, a long, increasingly bright quarrel began: “He doesn’t understand anything about dance and music. He doesn’t understand!” The singer and songwriter commented.

24 hours later, Morgan’s reporter published a special apology Via an Instagram message adding the expectation of a public apology: “Brutal but I was playing with you tonight. There wasn’t the slightest attack or aggression. Actually I thought you’d be in the game, knowing you could fly high. I misunderstood and I’m sorry, I have theatrical intentions, in a game of impromptu rendering of parts we can do Exactly. I am sorry that you are angry, if you want to talk about it verbally.”

this afternoon Morgan He was a guest on Rai Uno Today is another day revealed to the announcer Serena Burton Who filed a lawsuit? Selvaggia Lucarelli to post a private conversation :

I sent a private message to Selvaggia Lucarelli on Instagram, which she posted: It’s a criminal offence, it’s a violation of privacy and honor. She unveiled a mechanism that was a private confession. I was talking about professional mechanisms that were not required to disclose. It is a criminal and civil offense. I reported it.

Morgan then challenge a Wild Lucarelli Not having the technical skills to judge a talent focused on dancing:

Wild Lucarelli? There is a fundamental flaw. It may happen that someone says something out of line, but it is embarrassing that it is there, it is not indicated. It’s subtle: it’s like knowing or not knowing Latin, you can’t cheat. She has neither artistic skills nor artistic culture, it is embarrassing for me to see the difficulty she is facing. Of course I should be silent, but when passion is on the line, you turn your balls to see an incompetent person judging you. It’s a TV show, the material is a show, it means entertainment.”


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