Thursday, July 25, 2024

Dancing, ruined end? “This is the name of the winner” – Libero Quotidiano


who will win Dancing with the stars? Bookmakers are horrified as they await the arrival of Friday 23 December, the day of the final of the Rai1 show hosted by millie Carlucci. This edition met with great success, despite the imprecise linear organization which, however, took a back seat to the performances of the actors and above all to the controversies.

Between the Enrico Montesano case, Eva Zanicchi’s insults and jokes and the digs between the judges, Palando didn’t really miss a thing. Seven pairs remain in the race, more than last week thanks to a restart won by Luisela Costamagna and Pasquale La Roca. But what is the favorite pair according to bookmakers? He has always been center stage Gabriel Jarko, loved by the audience and obviously also followed his own personal story. But recently, the actor has had to deal with some injuries that could punish him.

Another name that has been very hot throughout the release is Name Alexander an egg, who showed excellent technical skills and fusion with her dance partner. According to Snai’s latest poll, he may surprisingly win whatever Stockholm, which made up a lot of things for Garko and Egger. All that remains is to wait for Friday and see if there will be an abrupt end.

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