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Dancing is the first bano problem: Oksana is injured

Dancing is the first bano problem: Oksana is injured

The new version of Dancing with the stars It hasn’t started yet and the first problems are starting to appear to the bathroom. The artist from Cellino San Marco, who finally decided to participate in the program after so many years, found himself faced with the injury of his teacher, Oksana Lebedev. The dancer injured her foot, and for this reason, she could not participate in the first episodes of the show.

Dancing with the Stars

It was to inform him of the situation Millie CarlucciWho went directly to the rehearsal room to brief him on the conditions of his teacher. Request taken from live the lifeIt was very clear:Oksana was injured. Unfortunately for the dancer, the foot is a primary thing and they have a metatarsal injury. So now I have to ask you if you want us to change your teacher. And you have to tell me if you want to change or if you would rather stay with her, because that is an important choice and I must offer you the possibility of someone having no problem like her.”

Therefore, the final decision was forwarded to to the bathroom, who may also decide to keep his teacher and dance at a low pace so as not to hurt the foot injury. The first episode of Palando is scheduled to begin on October 16, 2021, and only at that moment will the final decision of the Boulian artist be known, in his first experience in talent dedicated to celebrities.

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Dance remake without many known faces

appointment with Dancing with the Stars It has renewed itself after many years of success, though Millie Carlucci He had to deal with the loss of many well-known faces from the program. He was the first to leave Raimundo TodaroWho announced his decision before informing him to the direct interested party to join the announcement Maria de Filippi’s friends, And therefore Ornella Bukafushi NS Vera Quinonenwho are expecting a baby. NS Simone de PasqualeInstead, it will be your last year as a dance teacher.