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Cyclone Thor is worse and worse, soon storms, snow and hurricane-force winds over half of Italy »

Cyclone Thor is worse and worse, soon storms, snow and hurricane-force winds over half of Italy »

Live weather: Cyclone Thor gets worse and worse, soon storms, snow and gale force winds in half of Italy

Thor Storm is in actionCyclone Thor is about to unleash itself, and it will get progressively worse over the next few hours: indeed, storms, snow and hurricane-force winds are expected..

Once again there will be a deep hurricane to stir up the fury of the vortex Ice wind Coming directly from the very cold polar lands.
Already in the last few hours, after crossing the heart of the old continent, extremely cold currents are pouring almost like bullets into the Mediterranean basin through the Rhône Gate (south-eastern France).
Bad weather is currently affecting much of Sardinia, with snow falling from 500m in the Nuro region.

The weekend ahead will be quiet. In addition to a further drop in temperature, it is reasonable to expect severe consequences from a meteorological point of view: these fearsome atmospheric machines In fact they retain enormous energy on their journey, the energy often turning into intense convective activity around its core, especially in violent storm systems and harboring very strong and turbulent winds. 120 km per hour, Also in form Storm.
There is also some rain in Romagna and some snow falls at lower altitudes in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. During the day, heavy rainfall is also possible Southern Lazio, Campania, Calabria, Sicily, parts of Basilicata, then rising towards the center to affect Molise, Abruzzo and the southern marches. After all, in the lower Tyrrhenian region, we do not exclude the risk of storms and flash floods due to continuous rainfall.

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A recent update (graph below) confirmed this phenomenon, with heavy precipitation around the eye of the hurricane (marked with the letter B).Severe bad weather for next few hoursSevere bad weather for next few hoursRain is expected in these areas 2/300 liters per square meter In a very short period of time, that is equal to the total rainfall of 2 months!

In addition to the risk of hail, we point out Snow that falls Abundant On reliefs at very low elevations and average around 2/400 meters Finally, hurricane-force winds can cause strong storm surges with 10-meter-high waves!