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Cyber ​​attack on the most important US oil pipeline.  Supplies blocked to the east coast

Cyber ​​attack on the most important US oil pipeline. Supplies blocked to the east coast

The most important American oil pipeline Colony pipeline It was closed due to prof Internet attack. Several US media reports. The pipeline has a capacity of 400 million liters per day and is used for transportation Gasoline, kerosene and diesel From refineries overlooking the Gulf of Mexico to the metropolitan area New York And to the northeast regions of the country. Almost trip 9 thousand miles Through which 45% of the fuel used in this region of the country is used. The pipeline also serves some military installations.

The manager had to interrupt the flow to contain the consequences of a cyber attack. It would be a classic Ransomware, Any malicious program that blocks the system and keeps it “frozen” until it is paid for ransomGenerally, using digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Unless there is a prolonged blockade there should be no significant effects of SuppliesProblems can occur at gas stations only if the stoppage continues for more than 5 or 6 days. The story, however, appears again Weak infrastructures The key to cyber raids.

According to the Wall Street Journal, an American cybersecurity company Eye of fire It will neutralize the program and limit its effects. It is not currently clear if the attack took place State entity Or from cyber criminals. Process Attribution However, a cyber attack is a long and complex process.

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