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Currents coming from the west try: at least two windy lanes per week

Currents coming from the west try: at least two windy lanes per week

The last week of July may finally give way to the return of rain and thunderstorms in the northern regions, at least interrupting the very intense heat wave that has lasted for more than a week.

The wide African cyclone, which is now almost the only protagonist of our days in this dry and hot summer, will weaken precisely in central Europe and northern Italy, preferring to enter a cooler (at a very high altitude) and unstable air flow.

These same western currents will appear as of Monday evening and likely for most of next week, quenching the sweltering heat and trying to moisten the drought-scorched land.
But what will the effects be? As previously Mentioned in this article We will not have to deal with deep and organized turbulence capable of bringing significant weather changes and widespread precipitation. But we will be dealing with the typical summer instability that is characterized by sporadic but locally very violent thunderstorms.

We can already find out At least two more unstable moments: first between Monday evening (starting from the northwest) and Wednesday with more frequent and severe phenomena; Second between Friday and Saturday, also in this case accompanied by violent thunderstorms at times. We do not rule out the formation of Medium-sized storm systems (MSC) especially between Monday and Tuesday evening, capable of bringing heavy and widespread rain.

As has already been determined, the North will deal directly with this instability over the next week, albeit in a context that is still relatively hot. The temperature will drop a few degrees, especially in places where it rains a lot, but for a clear change of air it will be necessary to wait a little longer.

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The Center and the South will remain on the sidelines, and in fact, they will still have to deal with exceptionally high temperatures above the local level 40┬░C. Some thunderstorms may appear on both sides of the Apennines and Adriatic during the week, but we are far from talking about worsening weather for a long time.