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Curiosity pictures displace scientists

Curiosity pictures displace scientists

Rover from NASA Curiosity has now reached its tenth year of the Mars mission, and talk about it still remains, although a more advanced robot has arrived recently DeterminationWho steals the show. However, in these hours, the photoshoot was taken by Sky Rover Mars It attracted the attention of scholars. They explain to NASA that cloudy days are usually rare on the red planet, and clouds tend to build up around the equator due to the extremely thin atmosphere of Mars. Instead, the images released by the US Space Agency show some very unusual images.

The images show clouds forming earlier than expected, and Curiosity has been able to document the event, from last January to today. In the photo you can see puffy clouds of ice crystals, some of them very colorful.

Clouds sThey are also much longer than normal. Martian clouds do not usually form more than 60 kilometers above sea level and are composed of frozen water. But the one analyzed by Curiosity is higher, and therefore cooler. NASA scientists speculate that it is frozen carbon dioxide, which on Earth we call dry ice.

Further analyzes will be required to understand their exact formation. Similar to what happens on our planet, Mars clouds appear brighter at sunset. Exactly this change in color helped researchers understand their height. Even more spectacular are the shimmering ones, which seem to consist of a rug of pearls.

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