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Curfew order, “Government assessments in mid-May”


The government’s check on the curfew order “will take place 2-3 weeks after it opens on April 26, so as we said in mid – May, we will announce the openings gradually. If possible, or if data permits, we will evaluate the changes.” Government sources explain this to Adkronos. For now, no control room has been called by Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

“Based on epidemiological data, I am mostly in favor of violating and violating the curfew order beginning in mid-May. We do not want to cover Italy, so we do not need to exploit Salvini,” wrote Senator Andrea Marquez on Twitter.

NOD ODG of the Brothers of Italy

A majority agreement was reached to revise the agenda put forward by the Italian brothers in connection with the abolition of the curfew order. According to what has been learned, the new version of the guideline will enable the government to evaluate the government on the basis of “improvement in the epidemiological situation in May and the progress of the vaccination campaign, updating the decisions taken with the order. Amendment 525 of the Act 2021 also amends the time limits for work and travel”. In the end, Tracy had to intervene to break the knot. After a lengthy adjournment of the Chamber session and a mediation by the Prime Minister, the majority reached an agreement with Federico de Ince, Minister of Liaison with Parliament.

Salvini: “I will be canceled”

“We worked, you do it with common sense and you solve problems without you wanting to discuss them. We should have reached a general choice in the curfew order, it seemed impossible until yesterday,” said Matteo Salvini, president of the league. “Did he win the league? No, no one won, he didn’t lose anyone. Proof that this is not the league’s choice,” Salvini replied.

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“I have read the embarrassing statements of Ginger, Orlando … All the mayors, governors, workers, entrepreneurs ask if the data should return to normal if it is positive, so I can say we did a good job.”

“I’m canceling”, this agenda “occurs by May, not July 31. We have received two months. In my view, the goal is to cancel the curfew order if the data continues to be good. We have established a policy that if the data improves, it will be reopened.

Mellons: “Neutral Firework”

However, Georgia Maloney is not there: “You are proposing a contradiction put forward by the FD in the matter of the curfew order. Are you saying that the 10 am curfew order is an action that does not take into account the epidemiological trend? What do you say with this reform? “, He says. The head of the Italian brothers speaks in a room in the chamber.

“Or you implicitly say that we are right when we argue that the curfew order is an unnecessary punitive measure,” Meloni said. “I continue to believe that the curfew order is an illegal, ineffective move that destroys our businesses and we call for its repeal. I have no reason to accept this reform because I think you should reconsider this crazy choice.”

Rejected the ODG of the Italian Brothers

The chamber rejected the agenda put forward by Fradelli de Italia’s Georgia Meloni, promising the executive to “evaluate the opportunity and ensure that restaurants in the Yellow Areas are open 24 hours a day for upcoming activities.” There were 48 votes in favor, 233 and 8 votes absent. Lega and Forza Italia abstained.

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“Faced with a situation like the one that has arisen now, there can be no ‘la carte’ majority, it decides whether to stay or not. There can be no majority that does not face the difficult moment we are going through. I hope this majority understands that unity and solidarity should never be put before the interests of this or that party.” Democrat leader Deborah Serracciani spoke in the chamber after Lega and Forza Italia decided not to. Participate in voting on the agenda of the Italian Brothers.

“A portion of the majority is determined solely for personal gain,” M5S David Grippa’s group chairman Chamber said after the decision by Lega and Forza Italia not to vote. Choice is defined as “paradoxical” by the leader of the 5 star delegation.

“There is no political victory to declare. As we have always said in the control room, you are following the data: after reopening yesterday, it is clear that in two or three weeks the coupon for some action will be in the light. New data will come out. There is nothing new,” said Minister M5S Stefano Paduvanelli, chairman of the delegation, answered a question about the majority agreement reached in the Chamber.


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