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Cup 26 |  China does not sign a power cut from coal, does not make new commitments and increases production.  The result: schools and highways closed due to pollution

Cup 26 | China does not sign a power cut from coal, does not make new commitments and increases production. The result: schools and highways closed due to pollution

Fifth day of Cop26 in Glasgow Dedicated to youth opened with spree Greta Thunberg on Twitter: “This is no longer a climate conference. It’s a festival green wash For rich countries.” News from BeijingHighways and school playgrounds were closed due to heavy pollution, while main china contaminated In the world, increased production Carbon. It continues (not the only one) does not take procedures. this time with United States of America NS Australia, do not sign an agreement to stop energy production of coal (signed by 47 other countries and organizations and financial institutions) and not even making new commitments, as 23 other countries have done. Therefore, it is preferable not to set an appointment forExit From the country’s coal, just declaring a halt Construction from stock exchanges abroad. But even among countries that make new commitments, there are those who do so with it rare Results. This is the case in PolandWhich aims to close with coal practically in the middle of the century.

Coal agreements and the great absence – After not signing the 25-party agreement (between countries and Institutions Financial issues) To prevent new investments abroad related to coal power by the end of 2022, petroleum NS Gas (which they haven’t even joined IndiaRussia Japan, Korea, France e Germany), Beijing has not even signed the joint commitment to exit coal “within a decade 2030 (or as soon as possible thereafter) for major economies and by the 2040s (or as soon as possible thereafter) level InclusiveThere is no China and India, not even the United States and Australia. One wonders through them decade These powers will be ready to bid farewell Carbon. On the other hand, major global producers from 2018 to 2021 (International Energy Data) They are China, India, Indonesia and the United States. while Australia has 58%electricity Derived from coal, and with strong interests in building infrastructure, it is the world’s largest exporter.

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China crisis – Meanwhile, Beijing has increased Produce Daily coal exceeds one million tons as part of efforts to alleviate the energy crisis. In fact, the world’s largest importer of coal has been struggling for months black out Electricity rationing, causing serious problems in the production and production chain supply. National Development and Reform Authority (NDA)ndrc), a leading Chinese body engaged in economic planning, announced that Produce The daily average of coal has risen to more than 11.5 million tons since mid-October, an increase of 1.1 million tons since the end of September. The consequences may be dire for a country that was able in just one year to produce, according to a recent analysis by BloombergAnd The same amount of carbon dioxide is found in the United States, India, Russia and Japan put together. In fact, China alone emits 13 billion euros every year ton of carbon dioxide, versus 6.6 billion in the United States, nearly 6 billion from the whole of Europe, and 2.2 billion from India. Archeology is part of the daily life of Citizens: According to the National Bureau of Meteorology, one Heavy fog Smog enveloped areas of northern China, with visibility reduced in some areas to less than 200 metres. Beijing authorities attributed continent To “unfavorable weather conditions and regional pollution spread”. And orders were issued to schools in the capital To cut Physical education classes and outdoor activities during treatment Highways For major cities (including Shanghai, Tianjin E HarbinIt was closed to traffic due to rare Vision.

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Behind the obligations, there is everything – but, this is not every thing. In an official note from COP 26 which is updated on Negotiation With regard to the various agreements reached, it is stated that “at least 23 countries have hired new links To gradually eliminate Carbon of their energy production.” Again there is no China, but there are Poland and Ukraine, IndonesiaVietnam and South Korea EgyptSpain and Nepal Singapore, Chile. However, you have to understand what that means.”graduallyWhich, unless all obligations are identical (which is unlikely), will provide Diverse landscape of possibilities and time horizons. Some of the data is already known. For Ukraine (the third largest coal fleet in Europe after Germany NS Poland) means ending coal-fired power by 2035, for Chile This means trying to anticipate the current target for 2040. And if it is already planned in Europe to stop more 160 power stations By 2030 (half of the total), Poland will arrive – despite its commitment not to build new factories – after twenty years. All this was confirmed by the Polish Minister of Climate, I Moscow: Warsaw will be phased out Carbon By 2049. In time to see if planet It will have reached net zero emissions by 2050.