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“CT scans? They are not performed during this period.”


The status of the civil hospital will be the focus of the next city council meeting With the question posed by the municipal councilors of Fratelli d’Italia, Sandra Passadore and Simone Ciccarello. Who asks Mayor Massimo Barbogani “how they document the conversations and with what result regarding the process of preparing hospital records”. still “What initiatives do they intend to undertake in order to verify and avoid the risks of closing the maternity center?” So we ask you to do so “A report on their political orientation regarding the fate of the city hospital”.

The two actors gathered “strong interest from citizens and at the same time Complaints regarding the objective reduction of outpatient and diagnostic services provided at Adria Hospitaland thus the abnormal performance of the cup that It systematically provides the possibility to visit facilities other than the Adria facility, even more than 70 kilometers away From the homes of users, who are often elderly people.” Finally, Sandra Passadori and Simone Ciccarello are in charge “Heart-related constraints resulting from the retirement of the Chief Medical Officer and the consequent reduction in beds Ten to seven for intensive care, including three for cardiac rehabilitation.”

It is worth noting, among other things, the case of a woman who in recent days went to the hospital for a CT scan and was told that “At this point they were not made and should have been notified.”. In vain, the lady indicated that she had not received any information in this regard. Without forgetting the case of another woman mentioned above “Rovigo’s voice” On May 25, after booking two hospital visits in Adria, he received an SMS to change the date and location. After he responded negatively, he not only had to reappear at the Cup, he had to have his tests re-run by his doctor. Finally, the visits were conducted at another hospital.

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On April 10, Pietro Girardi, the recently elected general manager of Ulss 5, held his first meeting with the city council to welcome him, with a commitment to return as soon as possible.


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