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crystal ball car

100% luxury electric crossover origin It’s already a success: sales figures, which are constantly increasing especially in the United States, seem to match the ambitions of the luxury brand Hyundai’s coupe SUV.
there GV60 Representing a new standard of luxury design concept applied to automobiles, combining minimal lines with the latest generation technologies: a perfect example of the Genesis philosophy, inspired by the Korean architecture of “white spaces”, is Crystal ball.

Genesis GV60: The Crystal Ball Car

there GV60 . Crystal Ball It is one characteristic that does not go unnoticed: at the heart of the passenger compartment, in a “floating” center console inspired by the minimalist design of oriental architecture, an elegant luminous sphere emerges.

First seen in Genesis ten conceptThe crystal ball is amazing rotary gear selector Built for the Korean brand’s new electric vehicles, which it defines as the nerve center of the passenger compartment and also as a point of contact between the driver and the vehicle, it is able to create a true connection with the vehicle.

The crystal ball was designed to explain the philosophy ofBeauty in white spaces‘, a concept of traditional Korean architecture that teaches the strategic use of empty spaces in creating a comfortable and personal environment.

It is located near the future fingerprint scanner, change High-tech luxury SUV It is not only a central aesthetic element in the interior of the GV60, but also has important features related to safety and vehicle perception. When the car is under load, for example, the ball cannot be reached, while when reverse gear is engaged it lights up red to warn the driver.

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The Genesis futuristic gearbox was developed to last long and be easy to use and safe: it’s not a habit, but a possible explanation for future mobility – which does not forget about safety, ease of use and the driving experience.

Elegance and safety from the future

When the car is off, the crystal ball is part oflight Cockpit: The moment the doors open to accommodate passengers, the ball emits a warm welcome glow. Only when the driver presses the Start button does the ball become accessible, by turning 180 degrees and unveiling the metal Shift By Wire selector, which according to Genesis directs the driver toward an atmosphere of “Future Mobility”.

By rotating the gear disc, which is knurled for optimum grip, the driver can select the desired gear, receiving haptic feedback confirming the gear is engaged. A future change in Genesis produces some hidden vibrations Even when changing direction or shifting from the drive gear to reverse.

“Because the GV60 is an electric car, one of the main challenges is warning the driver that the car is ready to go,” he explains. Luke Dunckerfolk, CCO of Genesis. “Our engineering and design departments have worked closely together to create this unique and fascinating way of communicating with the vehicle.”

The crystal ball perfectly explains the commitment of Genesis, which must be determined A new standard in luxury Donckerwolke concludes by offering “unparalleled technology, outstanding design, and a passion for driving.” Standard on everyone GV60 – Premium, Sport and Sport Plus versions The crystal ball will be incorporated into many upcoming house models.

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