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Crossfire: Legion, registrations open for the ESL tournament in June

T.ramite press release, the organizers of ESL Crossfire: Legion Championship have announced that registration is open for the June competition

Crossfire: Legion is a RTS title Developed by Canadians Blackbird Interactive (Homeworld 3, Minecraft world) and published Prime Minister (Label from Coach Media) allows you to control a brave commander and his army of choice Between one of the three factions available in the game, Black List, Global Risk and New Horizon. You will fight for supremacy over a variety of terrains and environments in single and multiplayer campaigns. You will be able to build your own custom army that will hopefully allow you to defeat your enemies. You will need to adapt your strategy and think creatively as the game progresses to show your strategic prowess on the battlefield. The game is currently in early access, and will also be available on ESL Play.

In a press release, the organizers of the Blackbird Interactive ESL Championship announced that registration is officially open for the June competition. The tournament will take place in three usual global regions – Asia, Europe or North America – and The qualifiers will take place on June 5, with the finals on June 28. The prize for the winners will obviously be a cash amount that has yet to be revealed.

Crossfire: Legion registrations for the ESL tournament opened in June and a new trailer from the developers

On the occasion of this announcement, the developers also released a trailer called “Developers Vision,” which we leave above, which shows the vision and thinking behind the title, which combines the basics of a classic RTS game with the competitive elements of modernity. games. If you want to take up this challenge, you can register today on the ESL Play website Until the fifth of June.

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So registration is open for the June ESL session in Crossfire: Legion. Let us know if you get to participate in the comments below, we will keep you posted on all the news, guides and reviews about video games and technology! And if you are interested in gaming consoles at affordable prices, we advise you to take a look at our catalog play moment!

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