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Cristiano Malgoglio, ready for love? Revelation comes alive

Cristiano Malgoglio immersed himself in a lengthy interview with Verissimo, where he talked about both his career and his private life. On this occasion, he made an amazing confession.

He is definitely one of the most eclectic and authentic characters they have in the entertainment world. His stinging personality had made its way into the hearts of many people who had been following him for a long time now. Despite his popularity, his love life has always been shrouded in a blanket of privacy, but let’s see what he revealed.

Image source: ANSA

Christian Malgoglio He plunged into a long and intense interview with the microphones of the talk show Canale 5. Right in front of Silvia Tovanen he decided to expose himself even more and tell not only his professional side, consisting of brilliant and brilliant collaborations that led him to success, but also emotional sideBecause so little is known about him from this point of view.

The lyricist and TV personality made a confession, noting a decision made by Amanda Lear and told to everyone. Malgioglio was careful to specify that he instead made the opposite decision to that of the French artist regarding the men. Let’s see in detail what it is.

Cristiano Malgoglio is back solo: Advertising on TV

We have already noted that the well-known lyricist has always been reticent about his private life. We know that there were many men in his life, who are known in the world of entertainment and ordinary people. We left what it was Engaged to a very young Turkish boyA love story, however, that appears to have ended, given the words he confessed during his interview with Verissimo.

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Speaking about her love life, Malgioglio noted that Amanda Lear decided to “close her shop,” referring to the fact that she closed in on love. A different idea instead is Cristiano who admitted that he has no intention of closing his doors to love.

“I still leave the mine open. You never know that someone is still entering – said the poet – I’ll try to open the store door. Also because if I shut it down I’m desperate”, Then it concluded with general applause from the audience.

Words that sound like a confession of his comeback single And ready for a new love story. On the other hand just recently Assuming she was having trouble with her boyfriend. A moment of crisis they may have failed to overcome.