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Credit card, if this happens to you, the bank should give you back the money: turn it on and get it –

With the advent of e-commerce, and the digital world in general, we are increasingly accustomed to purchasing products or goods through digital payments, which are made using credit cards (or debit/prepaid cards, alternatively) or PayPal, an international and secure circuit connected to a bank account. or any other credit card.

However, it is not uncommon for many frauds and phishing attempts to occur online, deceiving the alternate consumer, and have serious risks related to their important personal data, such as credit card number etc.

Credit cards can actually be cloned very quicklyallowing the fraudster to be able to make purchases both in physical stores and in online e-commerce, at the expense of those on duty.

One of the most common credit card scams over the past few years involves cloning the card of the respective user going to any ATM, but unfortunately one has been applied to it. skimmer. Any device capable of storing sensitive data temporarily. The scammer at the end of the day collects the potential data of dozens and dozens of users who have gone to this ATM and thus are able to make purchases and transactions completely freely.

Fortunately over time This phenomenon has been reduced, at least in part, thanks to the use of the contactless payment method of credit cardswhich doesn’t include the classic “swipe up” on the service’s POS, but just needs to get close to it.

phishing technique

Another scam method that is particularly used today is the . method phishing: In this case, the scam is often done online, through Receipt of an email or SMS in which the “alleged” bank asks the user for sensitive data.

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Obviously, we remind you that no banking institution requests sensitive data through these means of communication, except through the home banking system after correctly entering the PIN and other relevant security measures.

Card 2 udinetoday

In all these cases, when you inadvertently notice some suspicious transaction, our advice is to immediately block the card by contacting the help and customer service of the bank or through the home banking system that you have installed on your smartphone. Any unwanted withdrawal by the fraudster at birth.