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Creativity, Entertainment, Sports, Culture, Sustainability

Creativity, Entertainment, Sports, Culture, Sustainability

2022 on TikTok – Creativity, music, entertainment, sustainability, sports and successful advertising campaigns. Here’s what happened this year in the world of TikTok.

2022 is almost over, and TikTok has summed up an amazing year, which is over Show the unpublished side of your most beloved events, making the fun of knowledge viralAnd the Unveil the most creative and original face of society and gods Brand And I created one A safe and enjoyable space for all its users.

2022 on TikTok: A world of creativity, passion and interests

give her Space with Samantha Cristoforetti garlic Library shelves with #BookTok, from stageEurovision in San RemoFrom football, tennis and rugby, From Sustainable fashion for physical formulasThe areas where TikTok was the protagonist in 2022 are really many. The platform has accommodated millions of users, giving a whole new facet to entertainment.

#LearnWithTikTok 2022

Also this year, everyone managed to find something to learn on TikTok: new recipes, physics lessons, idioms in other languages, beauty routines, mental well-being, and even little tricks for everyday life. #LearnWithTikTok is more useful than ever, and every year is full of tips and lessons to discover.

Music of 2022 on TikTok

From the latest news to the return of great classics, from well-known artists, emerging and new talents, here are the songs of this year on TikTok, the songs that set the trend in Italy:

  • vibrating – ruff
  • Caramel – Rocco Hunt, Elytra Lamborghini and Lola Indigo
  • You Comm’a Mme – Gianni Celeste
  • The Sweet Life – Fedez & Tananai & Mara Sattei
  • Michelle Pfeiffer – Villainous Rose
  • Private Blanco and Mahmoud
  • Beautiful World – M ¥ SS KETA
  • Butterflies – Sangiovanni & Aitana
  • 1, 2, 3 (with Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto) [Sped Up Version] – De La Ghetto & Sofía Reyes & Jason Derulo
  • Prreo – diamond dog
  • SR! (feat. Lazza & Sfera Ebbasta) – Thasup
  • Belil Murad
  • Gasolina – Anna
  • Ferrari – Remix – James Hype & Meggie Dela Rosa & Laza
  • Te Quiro – Val Pain Wonko
  • Two hundred thousand hours – I’m Mina
  • The Most Beautiful Part of Me – You Bey and Nikki Noyes
  • Bye Bye – List Representative
  • Home – Nima Azza Wonko
  • Tu Nun or Saji – Yusuf
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TikTok trends in 2022

A wide range of creative effects, some created by the community, sounds, filters, and more have been added to TikTok again this year. Here are the trends that were born on TikTok this year, in Italy, thanks to the platform’s features and the creativity of the community.

  • paper characters: The filter created by Federico Cecchin for the occasion of #EffettoTikTok that offers the ability to add black and white 3D cartoon characters
  • Bagillon effect: There is no Sanremo without sounds for the songs but also for the looks. The Pagellone filter allowed the community to become rulers by allocating 1 to 5 flowers during the festival
  • street art: Created by Manuela Merlo, it allows, by framing the wall, to bring in a mural with 3D leaves that will fill the space with augmented reality.
  • stitch: One of TikTok’s signature features. The king of stitches? Khabi did not.
  • the couple: Duo is one of the defining features of TikTok
  • partner in heaven William Steig’s green ogre in a dance version
  • Create your outfit with…: Confused about the outfit? There is a filter that decides the colors and combinations
  • My favorite TikTok trend: What’s your all-time favorite TikTok #Trend? The effect of reinterpreting key phrases of the platform
  • The real Jordan: Giordano, one of the community’s most beloved characters, is in a candidate version.
  • Halloween face effect: Halloween atmosphere with the effect of a corpse bride, also used by Francesca Michelin

TikTok and Brands: The Collaboration of 2022

From fashion to food, from cars to electronics, Italian companies have chosen TikTok, embracing its culture and language and building marketing campaigns capable of entertaining people on the platform while generating tangible business results. On TikTok, brands are engaging with audiences, discovering their most authentic side. You may also be interested in our article: Invest in ad campaigns on TikTok, yes or no?

Among the activities with the most successful brands of 2022 we find Unieuro writerwinner of the Italian TikTok Awards and Greatest TikTok Europe, #PRADASS23 by Pradawhich on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, Prada started a collaboration with Winding Refn and created very attractive content on the new collection presented, #ThesoundofanIcon from Fiat For the launch of the new Fiat 500 BEV Vocelli, Behind ENELgy of Enel With which Enel shared a series of contents to increase community awareness of renewable energy sources and thus support and accelerate the energy transition, Bullettrain from Sony, Generazione Lol from Prime Video, Sanremo from Spotify, Air Action Vigorsol Fresh Crew from Perfetti, Second Life Pasta from Barilla, The Best Of Beautytok from L’Oreal, DrivingEnergy by Terna, Summer Icon Reinvention by Luxottica, Rayban.

Entertainment on TikTok in 2022

Not only comments, but above all the desire for discovery Secrets and mechanisms of movies, series and exhibitions And the Demonstrations. The desire to experience and learn about the events that celebrated 2022 and #BehindTheQuintes has stimulated the attention and interest of the community, thanks to the partnerships implemented by TikTok in the field of entertainment. among those Eurovision, X Factor Italy, The Uffizi and the official video for “Big Big Eyes” From Francesca Michelin Exclusively on the platform.

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There was also great interest in the most important events on the big and small screens, told through behind-the-scenes stories and the personal stories of the creators: the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival were at the center of the content most appreciated by society. The hashtags #CinemaTok and #DietroLeQuinte received 1.2 billion and 2.7 billion views, respectively, among movie and TV series fans.

TikTok and sustainability, stronger than ever #EcoTok 2022

Courageous, determined and united by the same goal. I didn’t like it this year The #EcoTok #community has shown its determination to create greater awareness around issues of sustainability and climate change.

Society has a growing desire to experience leisure also from the point of view of sustainability, to express themselves and to experience their talents and passions in a responsible way, as confirmed by the trends #EcoFashion and #Second Hand With over 52 and 39 million views respectively, the community offers space to create sustainably, even if it’s better than the old fashioned way, dusting off past styles and giving new life to clothes that have been left in the closet for too long.

Sports on TikTok in 2022

Sports has been confirmed as one of the most popular forms of entertainment also on TikTok and was undoubtedly the most followed #TikTokFootballwith More than 9 billion views which brings together the highlights of pros, amateur videos, and tutorials on game techniques. Lots of space too Women’s sport: Football saw the partnership with UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 and the opening of FIGC Azzurri and Azzurre accounts, while in rugby TikTok was the main partner in the Women’s Six Nations. Among the new heroes on the platform: the tennis player Matthew Berettini And football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

BookTok: A TikTok book club

The passion for reading is a passion that was born quietly among the Tiktok community but has gradually embraced all users, turning itself into a global phenomenon. Plenty of book titles are told in different ways that gave life to a series of creativity and engagement, making even the most skeptical or traditionalist passionate about stories and genres. In 2022, the TikTok Book Club also comes to TikTok, which was born from the spread of #BookTok among users around the world. Let’s talk about here TikTok Book Club.

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In Italy#BookTokItalia has reached over 1.3 billion viewsWhich grew by 422% compared to the end of last year. Favorite genres? Love stories in all forms (38 million views for #romanzirosa) and the fantasy genre (over 27 million views for #Fantasybooks). Zerocal Care and Roberto Saviano Exceptional authors who join the community during the year, and meet their readers during dedicated events.

Vanessa Pappas talks about 2022 on TikTok

Vanessa Pappas, Chief Operating Officer of TikTok, said:

“We are honored to celebrate our global community who created and influenced this year’s trends, share new ideas, learn from each other, and turn their passions into jobs and careers during 2022. It was truly inspiring to see over a billion people around the world sharing their creativity, united On feeling joy and finding a sense of belonging on TikTok”