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Crazy idea for scientists to use Martian dust

Crazy idea for scientists to use Martian dust

One of the big problems with Mars (one of many) is the presence of dust storms. These weather events are remarkably strong and can last up to a week in a row. Scientists have been studying them for some time knowing they are dangerous to human activities; In addition to blocking the sun and preventing the use of solar energy, it can affect water quality and cover all kinds of mechanisms, as it did for Opportunity in 2007.

But recently, a professor at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Vera Schorbach came up with an idea as simple as it was brilliant: “I asked myself: Why don’t they have wind turbines if they have dust storms?”

Mark Garlick Photo Library / ScienceGetty Images

During his studies, Schorbach collected data on wind speed during storms and discovered the pros and cons of his intuition. Indeed, during storms, the winds are not very strong and especially at night they are almost absent, which is the time when services for astronauts are required.

To complete such a project, you would need 80 kW of power, a lot of turbines with a rotor diameter of 50 meters, and at least one crane to assemble it. Right now, not even a spacecraft can carry these things.

However, this project is very interesting, and in the future it may be useful for us to survive on the Red Planet.

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