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Crafty of the 2.0 mark in healthcare.  A little hidden truth that Covid has offered.

Crafty of the 2.0 mark in healthcare. A little hidden truth that Covid has offered.

We don’t usually deal with these issues, but we received a report from a well informed person giving us this disturbing situation that arose during and after the covid-19 emergency. Reporting is difficult and accurate. Enjoy reading.

The season of novelty cards opened in a Fantozzian fashion: one or more employees stamped the card for several colleagues while the latter were free to go to the bar or do their shopping.
Innovative card technologies have been refined, and the technology is well known, it is belandroni-friendly.
Here, the employee, in order not to work, can change the time of entry – exit with a simple click of the secretary.
Not only that: During the few working hours, there are no worries about giving paid lessons for video courses. Courses in which it is not known whether they have previously requested permission, otherwise they will have to pay compensation into the coffers of the institution as well as return unfairly paid hours to do their work.
Yet in these two years of the pandemic, we have seen paternalistic overtones on the part of physicians, who are self-exasperated and convinced themselves that they are emulating irrefutable truths, and health professionals who say they work for the structure where they work. Finally, health workers who have no intention of questioning themselves, that is, making the effort to understand their faults: they are on the side of reason, always and in any case, all others are on the side of the fault. Sometimes one gets the impression that the goal of some health workers is to punish their subordinates, to fill a feeling of emptiness in their lives.
Obviously these are sporadic cases, you don’t want to make a bundle out of all the grass, but as long as you tolerate one of these behaviors it’s a bitter defeat for all health. Doing good for the foundation is optional.
No one sees, no one hears, no one checks; The thief is not only the one who steals but also the one who keeps the bag open.

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