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Covid, WHO: Only 10 countries in the world remain free of infection

Covid, WHO: Only 10 countries in the world remain free of infection

The answer is quite simple: merit depends on their geographical location and low population density.

Here’s where Covid didn’t arrive The list starts from KiribatiAnd MicronesiaAnd Nauru e Niue. These four countries were all island nations in the Pacific Ocean. The list continues with Pitcairn Islands AndSaint Elena IslandBoth are British Overseas Territories. After the territory of New Zealand TokelauAnd Tuvalu Archipelago and the Turkmenistan.

The list ends with . North Korea, ma With so many doubts About the credibility of the statements provided by Pyongyang. Indeed, Kim Jong-un’s state does not shine brightly and many believe that it is unlikely, given the porous border between China and North Korea, that there has not been a single case since December 2020.

current situation As for the rest of the world, WHO data reveal that there is at the top of the sad ranking of injuries and deaths United States of America, with more than 50 million confirmed cases And more than 800,000 dead. Omicron has become the dominant alternative to Covid and according to i Centers for Disease Control and Prevention It now accounts for about 73% of new infections. To keep track of the number of cases, thereIndia With more than 34 million infected and Brazil With 22 million.

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