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Covid variants are inevitable, test identifies them in less than 4 hours

Covid variants are inevitable, test identifies them in less than 4 hours

A test capable of detecting variants of Covid in less than four hours. We are better familiar with CoVaScan created by Dallas researchers.

The new test will allow the spread of Covid 19 variants to be effectively monitored and new variants to be easily identified.

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Researchers at Ut Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas have created a test that is able to identify it Covid variants in about four hours. The goal is to monitor the same variables more efficiently and to recognize the development of new variants in advance to ensure faster clinical decisions. Variables, in fact, involve one Different symptoms in patients and different treatments. Given the severe infectivity of Omicron 5 and – as feared – subsequent variants, it is essential that the test function properly and be used to deal with Covid in new ways. critical threshold One hundred thousand injuries It has just been surpassed for three days in a row and the forecast is only talking about numbers rising in the month of July.

Covid variants, the test that recognizes them

A test born in Dallas, Texas, can confirm positivity to the coronavirus and identify the variant a person has been exposed to. The test is called CoVarScan and it will allow you to deal with the most effective treatment faster timing. Moreover, it will allow to understand which variant is more prevalent in a particular region and will increase the effectiveness of identifying new mutations.

So the benefits to public health are indisputable but how does the test work? Researchers have succeeded in creating a system capable of this Recognize virus mutations even if they are insignificant. It proceeds by defining the specific structures of each variable providing valuable assistance to clinicians and patients. The surge in infections in recent weeks makes the work of scientists who say they are satisfied with the results achieved especially important.

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Omicron 5, the current variant is just the beginning

Omicron 5 is expected to continue infecting large numbers of people during the summer A more infectious type is expected to arrive in the fall. The situation requires the protection of those considered at risk, the elderly and people considered “fragile” due to the presence of pre-existing illnesses. While the variants cause fewer severe consequences for healthy people, they still pose a risk to those in poorer health. The Ministry of Health is talking about a new booster dose in the fall, but so far, There is no vaccine that protects against Micron 5 and its variants. So we are at the mercy of waves or rather at the mercy of booms and we only have to hope that the liberties we have taken will not affect us.