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Covid vaccines. The third dose is also for healthcare staff, for extremely vulnerable people, and for all people over 60 years of age

New goals to give the third dose In addition to the transplanted and immunocompromised people, scheduled for September 20, who are over eighty years old and guests and operators of facilities for the elderly, who started the vaccination today: in total more than 15 thousand people in Emilia- Romania have already received the extra dose , while booked by 28 thousand or more.

then enter I live in the third dose of the Emilia-Romagna vaccination campaign: We also start with health care personnel, with priority given to those over the sixties and in favor of Professionals most at risk (by exposure or diseases), with extremely vulnerable people falling into so-called category 1 (which includes from cancer patients to patients with multiple sclerosis passing through those with advanced heart failure or autoimmune disease) and With more than 60 years, Starting at the 70-79 range and continuing into the 60-69 range.

Thus, the Region implemented the latest national indicators for the vaccination campaign and today gave the green light to the health authorities – with a circular sent by the General Administration of the Department – to prepare methods of reservation and administration, each in complete independence. For the new categories of eligible people, as has already happened to those over the 80s.

“The third dose, for the people you are targeting, is an essential step in the vaccination plan, this is the tool, I would like to remind you, that allows us to leave the epidemic behind more every day. Health policy advisor Raphael Donini confirms-. While respecting ministerial indicators, as always, and continuing to prioritize the most vulnerable and most vulnerable, the regional machine is ready to enter the heart of this additional phase and continue working fully as it has amply demonstrated it is capable of doing throughout this year.”

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“For this additional dose phase, we chose- Donini concludes- To give health authorities the greatest autonomy in defining confinement procedures, as has already happened for more than 80: Since these are targeted interventions, knowledge of the area plays an essential role.”

For all of these new populations, these are booster or booster doses, which should be given at least six months after the last dose because in these cases the third dose maintains an adequate level of immune response over time: Use of Pfizer-BNT Kommernate Vaccine regardless About the vaccine used for the initial cycle.

Third Doses for Over 80s Guests and CRA Operators in Progress

At 4 p.m. this afternoon, a total of 15,055 third doses had already been delivered in Emilia-Romagna: the health company that ran the most was Romagna (4,754), followed by Reggio Emilia (4207), Bologna (2598) Ferrara (1120), Parma (884), Modena (660), Piacenza (554) and Imola (278).

These counts also include the case for another possible third dose, in addition to the booster dose: the so-called extra dose, which must be given at least 28 days after the last time and taken as a priority for people who have been transplanted (bone marrow or solid organ) and are immunocompromised.

As for reservations, they have been open last week for more than 80 years, guests and operators of CRAs, in a way that varies by healthcare company: in some cases, direct contact is provided for the citizen to whom it is requested. Just to confirm the appointment, while in other channels, traditional channels such as web, telephone exchanges and CUPs have been activated.

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In total, the already established designations for the third doses are 28,820 Throughout the region: 12,699 in Reggio Emilia, 5453 in Bologna, 3455 in Romania, 2284 in Parma, 1849 in Ferrara, 1616 in Modena, 1069 in Piacenza, and 395 in Imola.