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Covid, neurological symptoms in the extremities in one in three patients

Covid, neurological symptoms in the extremities in one in three patients

About a third of people who contract Covid-19 experience pain, tingling or numbness in their hands and feet. In some cases, these symptoms persist for at least three months.

A study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and published in the journal Pain lengthens the list of symptoms associated with SarsCoV2 infection.

The research included 1,556 people who were tested for Covid in the first year of the epidemic. The result of the test was 542 positive.

“We found that approximately 30% of patients who tested positive for Covid-19 also reported problems with neuropathy at the time of diagnosis and that 6-7% of them, symptoms persisted for at least two weeks and up to three months, indicating that Simon Harutunian said in a statement that this virus can have persistent effects on peripheral nerves.

It wouldn’t be new, the doctor explains: “Different viral infections, such as HIV or herpes zoster, are associated with peripheral neuropathy because viruses can damage nerves,” he says, adding that he is convinced that “there is a high potential for that.” These patients can still be helped, even if there are currently no clear diagnostic criteria nor even a syndrome known as Covid peripheral neuropathy.”

The researchers cautioned that the study included people who had contracted the disease by January 2021, so it is unclear whether these symptoms are also present with infection due to newer variants. However, clinicians are encouraged to monitor these symptoms in their patients.

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