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Covid money: Coldiretti attacked Leonardo DiCaprio

Covid money: Coldiretti attacked Leonardo DiCaprio

Complaint: “It is unacceptable for the European Union to fund work on ‘meat’ in test tubes with public resources”

Milan. “It is unacceptable for the European Union to finance the private business of test-tube meat with public resources, behind which there are important economic interests and international speculation aimed at disrupting the global agri-food system.” This was denounced by Coldiretti from the World Food Fair Totofood in Milan, referring to the allocation of two million euros to two Dutch companies engaged in the production of “meat” in the laboratory from laboratory cells. “The loan was given to Nutreco and Mosa Meat where the American actor Leonardo DiCaprio also invested, which certainly does not need the money of European citizens.”

Moreover, this is not the only episode of a public figure – as Coldiretti recalls – trying to deal with fake meat as evidenced by the Bill Gates case. The financial support – Coldiretti reports – was granted as part of the React Eu program launched by the Commission to respond to the crisis linked to the Covid emergency that has brought the agricultural system to its knees in Italy and Europe. “The choice to support companies aiming for unfair competition by pretending to be meat products obtained – notes Coldiretti – from in vitro cell proliferation combined with growth factors and materials compatible with biological tissues, adds to the drive to demonize real meat. Double pincers threaten to close the stables with the loss of jobs and the traditional production whose distinction is a strategic component of Italy’s manufacture in the world.”

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