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Covid, London "expects" third dose.  A downward trend in injuries after the boom in recent weeks

Covid, London “expects” third dose. A downward trend in injuries after the boom in recent weeks

The trend, after weeks of rising infections, is declining. But London expects the third dose of the Covid vaccine. The government will allow citizens to receive the booster dose 5 months – not 6 – from the end of the regular vaccination cycle. The goal, the Guardian writes, is pReducing pressure on health services and hospitals With winter approaching and stress, From the wave of infections (up to 50,000 in one day), hospitalizations and deaths that occurred. It is unclear whether the new directive will only apply to England or if it will be extended to the whole of the United Kingdom. In any case, for millions of people, the third dose is bound to arrive early. They are already managed abroad 12 million third dosesHowever, the process must be simplified – according to the health system – and speeded up.

In recent days, the British Prime Minister himself Boris Johnson He has once again urged residents to get vaccinated. “I see storm clouds gathering over parts ofContinental Europe And I must be quite frank: we have already reached this point and remember what happens when the wave begins.” As the Netherlands adopts a curfew, Austria isolates i no vax NS Germany was forced to ask for the support of the army Johnson stressed that “today it is more urgent than ever to make a withdrawal: If you can do that, that’s great. The level of protection is extraordinary, so if you are over 50, apply to do it.” “What I am saying is, if we don’t do it fast enough, We may have a potential risk of a pandemic situation in other parts of EuropeYesterday it was
40,375 new infections and 145 deaths due to Covid. However, in recent days, the British have returned to vaccination and reached 700,000 doses in one day, including 500,000 booster doses, and compared to last week, daily cases decreased by 6.5% and deaths by 8.9%.

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