Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Covid, London: 5 arrests, 8 injured in the anti-restrictions march – Last Hour


(ANSA) – London, April 25 – Five people were arrested and eight police officers were injured in the number of incidents that occurred last night in London during a large demonstration against health restrictions imposed in England against Covid-19, such as the compulsory use of Covid-19 disease. The mask and the possibility of entering “vaccine passports”

Protesters gathered in the early afternoon and marched along several major streets, including the Oxford Street shopping district. Videos posted on social media showed thousands of people marching in the streets of the British capital. Equipped with banners and billboards with slogans such as “You are in control” or “No mask, no fax, no imprisonment” or “Let’s take back our freedom,” the protesters on the “United for Freedom” rally left Hyde Park at 1 pm. Local time. Then people gathered at the scene again, as “small pockets of chaos” erupted, according to reports from the London Metropolitan Police. “Eight officers were injured while trying to disperse the crowd in Hyde Park,” and they added that the protesters threw bottles and other things. According to the same source, “two officers were taken to the hospital” but “they were not seriously injured.” Five people were arrested for various crimes, including assaulting a public official (ANSA).

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