Monday, July 22, 2024

Covid Italy Bulletin, July 5: Update of positive cases, hospitalized and recovered


132,274 new infections with the Covid virus were recorded during the past 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday the number of injured was 36,282. The number of victims was 94, 35 more than yesterday’s 59. A total of 464,732 swabs including antigens and molecular were performed, with a positive rate of 28.4%, stable compared to 27.9% yesterday. 323 patients were hospitalized in intensive care, 20 more than yesterday. The number of daily admissions is 53. The number of patients treated in the hospital in regular wards is 8,003, 355 more than yesterday.

Hope: In the fall we will extend the lifespan of vaccine recall

“We are preparing for the fall vaccination campaign in which we will extend the lifespan” of the Covid-19 vaccine. The Minister of Health said that Roberto Speranza, speaking at the conference organized by Fiaso to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the law that introduced healthcare companies. In this context, the minister added an appeal to health directors to do everything in their power to improve “the coverage of the fourth dose of the vaccine for the weak and the elderly.”

Sileri, a curved landing is expected in mid-July but no new tightening

The slope of the curve of this epidemic wave “will start in two weeks. The famous plateau will be there in mid-July, then cases will begin to decline.” That is the forecast of the undersecretary for health, Pierpaolo Celeri, who said “at the moment there are no new juices” to contain the infection. “We look optimistically at the possibility of a vaccine update in the fall, we wait for the end of this wave. We will see the peak in two weeks and then I repeat, a decline as happened in other European countries.”

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The Italian protocol against “Al Taweel” is also exported abroad

A new treatment against Covid-19 disease, to restore the memory, taste and smell lost by women and men around the world who contracted the virus in the past two years. It is the ‘stage’ protocol, named after the Italian scientist who invented it, a treatment that combines olfactory rehabilitation with an anti-neurogenic molecule, pea, capable of controlling changes in the central nervous system. The treatment, which has been tested, is now circulating in Italian hospitals and also abroad, between the United States, Spain and Germany.


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