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Covid, here is the new generation patch vaccine.  In Switzerland, the experiment begins

Covid, here is the new generation patch vaccine. In Switzerland, the experiment begins

Lausanne (Switzerland) – UN Govit vaccine In shape பண்டாய்டு, Resistant to variations and effective in the long run. A serum The new generation, Can provide Prolonged protection “Looking forward to the potential sustainability of the virus over the next few years”.

It is a vaccine PepGNP-Govit19, Developed by the English Medical Research Center Emergex vaccines And now tested Unisante, Center for the University of General Medicine and Public Health based in Lausanne, which provides Next Monday – January 10 – One will start Phase 1 study Approved by the Swiss Approval and Regulatory Authority for Medicines and Medical Devices (equivalent to our Aifa).

Four months later, a study was launched in Lausanne to assess the safety of the new generation Dengue, Unisante will test the vaccine against Govt-19 using the same technology. Managed with Microaki Less than a millimeter in length, this vaccine Stimulates cellular immunity Instead of producing antibodies. Unlike conventional vaccines, in fact, based on PepGNP-Covid19 D lymphocytes, Responsible for cellular immunity, it removes virus-infected cells and prevents them from copying. This new technology gives revolutionary hope because it has the potential to deliver Long-term immunity And very relevant To deal with mutations.

“In anticipation of the possible The stability of the virus over the next few years And possibility An epidemic with new variants Less sensitive to current vaccines – he says He is Professor Blaise Genton, Head of Research at Unisanté. – It is necessary Develop different technologies. The new approach to this vaccine addresses the need Builds long-term immunity You should avoid seasonal stimulants. “

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It Phase 1 clinical study It will begin next week at Unisande under the guidance of Professor Genton and in collaboration with the University Hospital Center in Watt County (Lausanne Province). There will be one of them Six months And it will be involved 26 volunteers. The hand will be vaccinated using Microaki Small A millimeter, then with the intention of growing a Connection with micro pins. The first results are expected June 2022. If clinical trials lead to satisfactory results, the Emergex vaccine will continue to be tested, and more Available from 2025.

“Our T-cell-based vaccines are designed to deliver Significant benefits Compared with the current sera against Govit-19, including broader protection against new variants and long-term immunity – Professor Comment Thomas Redmaker, founder of Emergex Vaccines -. The origin ofThe last variant (Omigron, Ed) Highlights the importance of such an approach in managing an epidemic situation Dynamic evolution. Looking forward to continuing Collect data To support the development of this important next generation vaccine. “

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