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Covid Great Britain: Johnson ready to delay reopening.  'extreme concern'

Covid Great Britain: Johnson ready to delay reopening. ‘extreme concern’

People with masks in London (ANSA)

LONDON, June 12, 2021 – No Indian alternative (The so-called delta variable) still worry about Great Britain. After the news that in the only one England It is attributed to the Indian variant 42 dead from covid, including 12 who were vaccinated with the second dose, fears are growing, and British media reports that Boris Johnson’s government may decide to postpone the end of the restrictive measures scheduled for June 21. The announcement came according to latest newsIt should arrive shortly. Johnson admitted today that “the surrogate is a serious and serious concern,” saying he was less optimistic than he was in May.

Great Britain and the Indian formula

Johnson is considering slipping A maximum of four weeks To lift the remaining restrictive measures initially envisaged in England Not before June 21. BBC sources also confirm this. The last step in the deregulation process is The end of all restrictions for social contacts. Downing Street sources say there is no one yet Final decision, The ad was expected scheduled for Monday With various options on the table, with the four-week deferral option currently the most adopted amid growing fears of a resurgence of infections and variable delta transmission. But at this point, the connection can arrive in advance, and it’s not really left out in the next few hours. Extending the restrictive measures will allow the vaccination program to have a greater impact.

Boris Johnson is really worried about The rise of the infection curve. He’s currently busy with the G7 summit in Cornwall, so it looks like he’s ready to continue recommendations from several experts, Concerned about the rebound caused by the delta (formerly Indian) type of injuries that surfaced in the country yesterday, Over 8000 per day: A rebound whose impact on severe cases, hospitalizations and deaths has now been contained – but in part – by the accelerating impact of a vaccine campaign that reached the island with more than 70 million doses.

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The third wave in Russia

also in Russia Infection from Covid in Russia continues to increase: in fact, here we are facing The third wave of the epidemic. In the past 24 hours, 13,510 cases were recorded, the largest increase since mid-February. Saint Petersburg and Moscow regions are particularly affected. The The deaths were 399 in the last 24 hours. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin ruled Five days off work In town from Tuesday to Saturday. “In recent days, the situation has deteriorated significantly. We cannot fail to respond to this situation,” he said, after 6,701 injuries were recorded in Moscow during the past 24 hours, half of the injured were recorded across the country. The fourteenth is a day off. Restaurants, bars and clubs must close at 11pm.