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Covid, Govt cancels daily bulletin, saves no-vacs doctors  Mattarella's warning: "The virus is not defeated, we still need responsibility"

Covid, Govt cancels daily bulletin, saves no-vacs doctors Mattarella’s warning: “The virus is not defeated, we still need responsibility”

Minister of Health Horacio Schillaci announced that it will become a Covid progress bulletin Weekly, henceforth daily. “6 months after the suspension of the state of emergency, considering the course of the Kovid-19 infection, considers it appropriate to initiate a progressive return to normality in activities and behaviors, with the criteria of responsibility and current compliance. Regulations” , inform the Ministry. The last remaining constraint reduction strategy is thus confirmed. Soon, there may also be decisions on the isolation of asymptomatic patients, which many are asking to be removed.

Information is always available

Therefore, a note from Lungodwere Riba announces, “On the basis of the prevailing indications in the medical and scientific field, the daily publication of data on the spread of the epidemic, hospitalizations and deaths will now cease. On a weekly basis, impartially – it must be noted – competent authorities will monitor the situation at any time and appropriate.” The possibility of obtaining the information necessary to carry out the activities”. At this point, there are experts who have called for the removal of the daily bulletin for some time, while others have argued that it is an important work tool for the regions.

Reintegration of unvaccinated health workers

In respect of health workers subject to suspension proceedings for non-complianceVaccination obligation The rules in force expire next December 31 and in view of the alarming shortage of medical and health personnel announced by the heads of health and regional structures, the cancellation of the penalties provided by Legislative Decree 44/21, a provision is defined to allow the aforementioned personnel to be reintegrated into service before the expiration date of the suspension. This is what we read in a note from the Ministry of Health. At this point, Filippo Anelli, president of Fnomceo, the federation of medical orders, is supportive. “What Health Minister Horacio Schilaci said is common sense and common sense. About 4,000 suspended doctors could return to work in the hospital or at the disposal of the administration. We have been seeking intervention since July. Because the anti-Covid vaccination obligation for healthcare professionals is over, given the epidemiological situation and disease, this has changed a lot.

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Another measure to be taken by Parliament this time is the cancellation or suspension of fines for those over 50 who do not comply with the vaccination obligation, i.e. those who have not completed it, by adding a provision in the Aid Ordinance. First cycle by 15th June last. It’s a notice that 1.9 million people have received, or are still receiving, asking them to justify their lack of vaccination or to report a registration error. However, from the end of November, a fine of 100 euro must be sent.

Mattarella: “Covid is not defeated yet”

“More than two and a half years after the epidemic, we still cannot declare the final victory against Covid-19. We still need to use responsibility and precaution. Public health has the task of maintaining high protection, especially for the most vulnerable, the elderly. , those affected by previous pathologies. However, the most dramatic period is ahead of us. We feel behind. The science is decisive”. The President said this. Sergio MattarellaIn his speech at the Quirinal for the ‘Days of Research’ ceremony.

Leta: “A Dangerous ‘Free All'”

“The polls announced yesterday were, quite unexpectedly, the government’s message of backtracking and reversal of measures to contain Covid. The polls of the government yesterday, the first announcements, were very wrong. The message of ‘free everything’ is against everything that has saved lives in recent years. PT The Secretary said, Enrico LettaIn his report to the party leadership, Nazarene is going on.