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"Covid epidemic in Roland Garros, no one said anything"

“Covid epidemic in Roland Garros, no one said anything”

London, UK) – Heavy statements made to the press offer a Wimbledon by Alize CornetAnd the No. 1 in his country and 37 in the world. According to the French tennis player during the last period Roland Garros There could have beencovid-19 pandemic But no one was to speak of him: “to me Roland Garros The Covid-19 epidemic has spread, but no one has talked about it. Everyone in the locker room got it and we didn’t say anything. Later, I saw girls in masks, perhaps because they knew this and did not want to pass it on: you must also have a civic sense ”, Cornet says in response to a question about the re-emergence of infections and Cases of Berrettini and Kilic. “When you see that Borbora Krejcikova is retiring and the whole dressing room is bad, you think about it. When it comes to great players like these Then light the fire. However, I don’t want to underestimate the impact of Covid, but there have always been withdrawals because players were sick, people are coming out with flu or GI disease. Indeed, with the latter in the past there were “pogroms”“”. Soon after these statements, Cornet, however, “corrected the shot.” On social profiles: “I said I suspected some cases of Covid during Roland-Garros without any evidence. The main objective was to confirm that the virus is now a part of our lives and that we had to deal with it.”

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Then again on Paris Championship: “cThere have been three or four withdrawals, and the protocol may not have been implemented. Or maybe We’ve all had the flu, symptoms and sore throats We played as if everything was going well. There have been a few cases in Roland Garros and there must be one too tacit agreement between usWe will not be tested, nor will we get into trouble. When asked about the possibility of a stricter health protocol returning to Wimbledon, Cornet’s response was “I hope they don’t. They’ve already taken our points away Now we miss this too. Hence there is no psychosis here. In Covid, we paid the duty, ate our black bread after a year of testing and we were all vaccinated. We must be consistent Covid is now a part of our lives. But now she will do a self-exam like she did Beretini? “I wouldn’t do that and I might have a problem.”

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