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Covid, close to Lombardy herd immunity |  Vaccines, Figliulo: "Italy second in Europe"

Covid, close to Lombardy herd immunity | Vaccines, Figliulo: “Italy second in Europe”

The first vaccinations for the homeless will begin on Monday, and the Regional Crisis Unit has called on all AIDS-affiliated associations dealing with the homeless in the area to try to reach as many as possible. Administrations will begin at some shelters in the city of Milan, after the regional emergency agency has carried out the first inspections at some facilities to identify the required locations, especially the vaccination site, the post-vaccination waiting area, and the pre-vaccination one with the definition of ordered mats.

Vaccines, Figliulo: “Italy second in Europe” – The vaccine campaign, on the other hand, is going fast across the country. With nearly 600 thousand administrations, it was first reached on Friday (to be precise, 598,510, of which 444,639 were the first dose), with 12,737,533 people completing the vaccine cycle in our country, while the chiefs dose so far. 24,331,702 Italians. Commenting on the data, Emergency Commissioner Francesco Figliulo said that Italy ranks second overall in Europe in terms of total vaccinated population, second only to Germany and ahead of France and Spain. Today we have 2,666 vaccine points, in addition to more than 800 manufactured by companies, large retailers and other economic operators.

Caravaggia: Vaccination for tourists in exceptional cases – Meanwhile, Tourism Minister Massimo Caragavilia says, “There is general knowledge in favor of the second dose for foreign tourists coming to Italy, or especially for Italians traveling for a long time. Regions are important security and this summer we may have room to deal with these exceptions. . ”

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Numbers in Lombardy – On his return to Lombardy, the impact of the vaccine campaign is now also seen in the daily infection data, which continues to improve, continues to decline in hospitals and the positive rate is over 1%. According to the latest bulletin, there are actually 436 new cases in Lombardy with 39,363 outfits. The number of people admitted to the hospital for intensive care (170, i.e. 13 less) and in other wards, 887, 52 less. There have been 10 deaths out of a total of 33,653 deaths since the onset of the epidemic. The provinces also have 131 cases in Milan, 65 in Prussia, 49 in Variety, 46 in Bergamo, 36 in Monza and Brianza, 32 in Como, 17 in Gromona, 15 in Sondrio, 13 in Mandua and 11 in Bavia. , 8 in Leco and 6 in Lodi.