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Covid: 88,221 infected, 253 deaths, 19.7% - Health

Covid: 88,221 infected, 253 deaths, 19.7% – Health

Even if the trend of cooling the curve is confirmed, Covid continues to record a large number of infections and victims in Italy while dividing the hypothesis of reducing quarantine on the positives. And the past 24 hours witnessed 88,221 new infections, according to the Ministry of Health (yesterday 23,699). On the other hand, the number of deaths reached 253, the highest number in the past five months. A similar increase, in fact, goes back to February 23, when the deaths were 252. The rate was stable at 19.7% with 446,718 swabs taken. On the other hand, there are 434 patients in intensive care – an increase of 8 – and 11,124 patients in regular hospitals, 43 more.

“I think the goal is living with the virus and cohabitation also means reviewing and reassessing the rules in the case of asymptomatic positives without isolating those who are positive and asymptomatic. Then, the next step I think is to look at the hypothesis, in the case of asymptomatic positives, to remove quarantine “. More cautious Massimo Andreoni, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Rome Tor Vergata’s School of Medicine and Surgery, who says he “agrees” that the choice to isolate asymptomatic positives “is a subject of slight revision in light of epidemiological data” also because “we’ve always been very cautious and strict.” Regarding the isolation system compared to other countries.” On the other hand, “we are still receiving about 100 deaths per day and there should be minimal precautions because the less the virus spreads and the fewer severe cases there are, the less new variants will emerge,” he identifies. Brakes Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation, that “there is no reason” to change the current procedures. On the other hand, there is a line adopted by Austria where the government announced a drastic change of course: those infected with the coronavirus are no longer automatically in quarantine, but can leave the house while wearing an Ffp2 mask. The new measures will take effect on August 1. On the vaccine front, meanwhile, nearly forty million boosters have been given in Italy. More than 2 million Italians have received the fourth dose. The figures issued to Health Minister Roberto Speranza decreed a “great success” for the vaccination campaign against Covid in Italy. A call comes to present the fourth dose from Nobel Prize winner Giorgio Baresi, a certificate of a new commercial advertisement produced by the Media and Publication Department at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Health. Seated at a restaurant table, Parisi illustrates – also with a graph drawn on the tablecloth – the importance of a vaccine that “protects against critical diseases”, recalling that people over the age of 60 are the “most at risk”. “A complex problem, a simple solution,” says the Nobel laureate for his studies of complex systems. In the light of autumn, there is a node of the resumption of the school year. An investigation conducted by Gimbe with the National Association of General Managers and Secondary School Professionals (NPC), “promoting” Italian schools for hand hygiene and partly for temperature control while ventilating buildings, structures not yet ready to safely begin the next school year. And the lack of interference with ventilation and ventilation hinders the return to class without masks.

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