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Couples' favourites.  Without the Russians, the headlights on the Peng-Jing - OA Sport

Couples’ favourites. Without the Russians, the headlights on the Peng-Jing – OA Sport

As we know, after the invasion of Ukraine, the ISU Russian athletes are banned from any international competitions And the Belarusians, a factor that actually opened the doors to new scenarios in the origins of figure skating, especially in the single female and couples: specifically in the latter discipline, also thanks to the absence of Olympic champion Wejing Sui -Cong Han skaters around the world They will literally battle it out on all possible occasionsstarting with the circle ISU Grand Prix 2022-2023Starting this weekend with Skate America.

However, there will be dynamics to reference. In the balance for the event in question The first four teams will be unemployed Who excelled in the 2022 Beijing Olympics, the aforementioned Sui-Han and the Russian third made up of Tarasova-Morozov, Mishina-Galliamov and Boikova-Kozlovskii. In general, on paper at least, the best candidates to win the travel competition are the Chinese Cheng Bing Yang Jinplaced fifth in the latest five-wheeler review and appears to be stronger than the competition.

But be careful not to underestimate Especially two couples Which, only last season, has proven itself several times Able to achieve very high grades and positions of no less relevance: We’re talking about the Japanese Rikuo Miura-Ryuichi Kihara And the Americans Alexa Knirim Brandon Fraserrespectively seventh and sixth in Beijing.

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So much, if not so much curiosity, the two German teams that appeared in good shape in this early part of the sporting year, Alisa Efimova-Robin Plumert and Annika Hawke-Robert Konkelobviously without forgetting the Azores Rebecca Gilardi Filippo Ambrosini (competing in France and Finland) H Sarah Conti, Nicol Massi (Competing in Canada and the United Kingdom). He also awaited persuasive answers from the Canadian school, especially with Deanna Stellato Dudek-Maxime Deschamps and from the Georgian school, ready to wow everyone. Karina Savina Luca Pirolava.

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Photo: La Presse