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Could slapping competition become a sport?


We hear about it a lot Strange competitions Which leaves us puzzled, but this surprised us more than the others. It’s called slap fight And it spread in it America And in Russia It consists of one slapping contest The winner is the one who can resist the opponent’s slaps for the longest period without collapsing to the ground.

In the United State Meetings are organized in Las Vegas Dalla Nevada Sports CommissionBut controversy arose because it would be dangerous due to the risks that slapped players might be exposed to.

It can actually create powerful slaps. very serious brain damageincludingchronic traumatic encephalopathya degenerative brain disease Due to frequent blows to the head.

Nilo slap fight Competitors place themselves in front of each other and must catch the ball. hands behind your back A role to receive the slap and therefore cannot be avoided in any way.

after Slaps given with an open handSometimes they stagger and fall to the ground, and if they don’t get up they are eliminated. In fact, every player has 60 seconds To recover and Give a slap to the competitor.

Whoever can withstand this rain of slaps the most wins. This sport has become viral on social media For everyone video which has been published.

There is a lot of criticism of this sport and Founder and CEO Chris Nowinskifrom an organization that supports athletes with brain shock What is his name? Concussion Heritage Foundationand defined slapping competitionsOne of the stupidest things you can do. There is nothing funny, nothing interesting, nothing sporty. They are trying to present an activity as a sport just to make money.“.”

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A real slap in the face to those with serious mental issues.

Antonella Cutolo


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