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Cost to the state


Not only were the costs of Superbonus, and construction bonuses in general, more than expected, but given the amount of money they transferred, they also generated numerous frauds at the expense of the state, as well as frequent inconvenience for residents who wanted to renovate their homes with benefits. In the latest Financial Police report, tax breaks on bonuses form an important part of the investigations concluded, both for the number of people reported and for the amounts stolen from the Treasury.

In general, in Operating budget 2024 The Financial Police reported that in 2023 and in the first five months of 2024, nearly 1.5 million inspections and about 110,000 investigations were carried out “to combat economic and financial crimes and the infiltration of crime into the economy.” There have been scams of the state through Superbonus credits and building bonuses.

The cost of scams using Superbonus and building bonuses using tax credits

According to data extracted from the financial police report. 19,928 people were reported for tax crimes, and 423 of them were arrested. These numbers are linked to the results of the investigations commissioned by the judiciary. The problem was the tax credits generated by super bonuses and building bonuses, which allow the cost of renovations to be “spread out” over several financial years.

The report notes that the Financial Police informed the Revenue Agency of tax breaks in the construction and energy sectors that were non-existent or at high financial risk, with assets derived from tax evasion and fraud worth more than €8.3 billion seized. .

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This figure is only a part of the whole: the Director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini, announced at a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee that the tax breaks related to all construction bonuses are generally “subject to fraud” and can be measured at around 15 billion euros. Of this money, $8.6 billion was confiscated by the judiciary – considered to be almost identical to the financial police – while $6.3 billion was removed from “Balance Transfer Platform” agency.


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