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Coppa Italia: poker Empoli al Vicenza, 3-1 del Lecce a Parma. Il Venezia vince ai rigori, LIVE Torino-Cremonese 0-0

Coppa Italia: Empoli Poker in Vicenza, Lecce 3-1 in Parma. Venezia win on penalties, live stream Torino Cremonese 0-0 | first page

Back to the field today there Italian CupAfter the successes of Spezia, Genoa, Udinese, Fiorentina, Benevento, Stadella, Verona and Cagliari, the finals lasted 32.

seasonEmpoli By Andreazzoli who beat Castellani 4-2 Vicenza: Tuscany unleashed in the first half, leading Bagrami, Haas and Mancuso the Azzurri to 3-0. Dalmonte shortens the distance, and Lanzafam gives hope to the Venetians. In the final, Cotron’s first appearance (a goal canceled in the 79th minute), at the 88th goal of the final 4-2 from Crociata. In the round of 32 the challenge will be against Verona.

I don’t smile, though Parma this season. The ambitious Duke’s club, among the favorites for promotion to Serie A, sits in front of the Tardini against Lecce. Giallobl starts strong: Brunetta scores in the seventh minute, chances are missed. But the guests are gaining confidence and gaining space: in the 9′ instant equalizer by Koda, in the 40′ advantage signed by Toya, before the final 3-1 in the second half, again with Koda. On the sixteenth, he will challenge Salento Spezia.

Continue, not without suffering, the Venezia: Waiting for works on Penzo, lakes beat Frosinone In the Mazza of Ferrara. 0-0 in the 90th minute, Gori and Di Mariano scored in extra time, before the penalty shootout. After nine penalties, the oranges and the blacks celebrated, a crucial Gatti mistake: now a turn of 32 against the winner from Bologna Ternana.

close in 21, with the Turin By Ivan Yurich: Grenade in the field against Cremonese.