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Cooperative forests in Karnia

Cooperative forests in Karnia

On Friday December 16th, starting at 3 p.m., the first public meeting organized by the Boschi Carnici Federation will take place in the meeting room of the Mountain Community of Tolmezzo, focusing on highly topical environmental issues, and will be followed by two more in 2023.

The designation will address the theme of ‘Cooperative Forestry in Karnia’. The NET.Fo project and the idea of ​​Sharing Forests aims to relaunch the sustainable management of our forests” and aims to raise awareness and deepen the theme of “Sharing Forests” in Karnia.

This is in fact the will of the President of the Consortium Luigi Cassetti who declared his satisfaction with the state of the works coordinated by the Director of the Foundation Erica Andina aimed at the growth of the Carnea Woodland in terms of sustainability. . The invitation to participate in the meeting is extended to all residents and, in particular, to the forest owners, technicians and administrators of Carnia who can find an important resource in the Boschi Carnici Consortium.

In particular, the NET.Fo project involving the meeting of December 16, coordinated by the Boschi Carnici consortium and funded by the Gal EuroLeader and the region funded by the PSR, aims to implement the concept of “Active Forest Management” in Carnici both in the normal context and in emergency situations, linked to a form Specific infestation of the bark beetle on spruce.

The Forest Participation project proposes innovative planning, thanks to new high-tech data collection methods, with the aim of grouping public and private properties in two pilot areas: Monte Rest (normal management) and Treppo- Ligosullo (emergency management due to bark beetle).

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