Tuesday, July 23, 2024

‘Contribution’ to Pensions Disappears From January: What’s Changing


News coming in January for retirees. As is known, the Constitutional Court decided to reduce the contribution of Solidarity to Golden Pensions Five to three years, you immediately finish disbursing government subsidies.

What does the sentence say?

Two years less than the provisions of the 2019 Stabilization Act on grants over €100,000 gross per year. If the deadline was originally set for December 31, 2023, then wholesale no. 234/2020 Overturning everything: the court decided to shorten the application period and it will stop in a few weeks, on December 31, 2021. What are the reasons for this “rethink”? In the published paragraph of the sentence the following is stated:In strict social security, the tendency of the legal system not to anticipate assessments and decisions beyond the three-year period in which limited observational space is most appropriate, as evidenced by the development of discipline in the individual’s shift coefficient of contributions“.

However, since January 2022, it still Equation Reduced by three rates and parentheses. Law 145 of 2018, in its paragraph 260, originally provided for a revaluation to 110% for pensions up to three times the minimum, “With staggered upward mechanism“. Until the end of the year, rates four to five times the minimum subscription will apply: there will be”Reassess the reference rate to 77%; up to six times the minimum: index of 52%; up to eight times the lower limit: the indicator is at 47%; up to nine times the minimum: an indicator of 45%; Above nine times the minimum: 40%“.

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Pension Reassessment

As we dealt with Giornale.it, in 2022 we will have a file Increases From retirement sums after last year and 2021 due to inflation: on the plate 4 billion euros to reevaluate if this year’s inflation rate is 1.5%. At this point, 22 million Italians will have some extra money in their pockets: the increase will not be record but will be greater or less depending on the pensioner’s income bracket. If we want to make a table, it is possible to say that those who receive a check of about 1,500 euros will be able to benefit from an increase of about 300 euros per year (and therefore 25 euros per month). Don’t forget that all amounts should always be considered total taxes. For pensions up to two thousand euros, on the other hand, the recovery of inflation must be complete; Approximately 90% for those receiving a pension of between 2,000 and 2,500 euros and 75% for those receiving pensions of more than 2,500 euros.


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