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Context – NATO’s Dangerous Deception – by Giacomo Gabellini – Defense Analysis

Context – NATO’s Dangerous Deception – by Giacomo Gabellini – Defense Analysis

Last May 23, the Ukrainian Armed Forces targeted Voronezh-Dm, a Russian radar facility located in the southwestern tip of the country, with a swarm of drones. This structure forms an integral part of Russia’s strategic early warning network, and damage to it, even temporarily, deteriorates the country’s ability to detect active nuclear threats in a timely manner. Russian nuclear doctrine identifies any attack on a basic nuclear early warning system as sufficient grounds to legitimize direct and proportionate retaliation.

Russian Senator Dmitrij Rogozin announced in this regard that the attack targeted “an essential element of the Russian nuclear umbrella,” and added that “Washington’s deep involvement in the conflict and the complete control exercised by the Americans over military planning in Kiev means that allegations that the United States is not aware that the Ukrainian plans “To hit the Russian disposable missile defense system.”

It is no coincidence, according to the Washington Post, that the United States is considering the possibility of allowing Kiev to use weapons systems supplied by Washington to launch attacks on Russian territory. Finland, Poland, France, Canada and the Baltic countries appear to be moving in the same direction, and have even expressed their willingness to transfer their armed forces to Ukraine outside the framework of the Atlantic Ocean.

Italy – so far – stands in opposition to the agreement with Spain, while in Germany and the Czech Republic there are heated discussions about what to do. Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that NATO members are playing with fire, creating the conditions for igniting a global conflict. Let’s analyze this dangerous escalation together Gianandrea GaianniJournalist, essayist and director of “Analisi Difesa”.

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