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Conte "salutes" to attack the league (but forget the 5S chaos)

Conte “salutes” to attack the league (but forget the 5S chaos)

Suspend the prime minister’s role, Giuseppe Conte He boldly returns to the position with his new role as leader and reformer of the 5Stelle Movement. One can say Movement 2.0, because the people’s advocate likes to talk about it.Deep maturity“e”Very innovative political proposalOnly one thing seems to have changed at all, and that is the animosity towards what turned out to be the main opponent of the grillini, Lega. And this time the respected Claudio Durigon ends up in the crosshairs of his former prime minister. A Carroccio actor guilty to find himself. ”Still in placeDespite the statements that followed the publication of the investigation before Fan page.

‘Durigon’s case is unacceptable’

In his last book Speech published on Facebook, The former prime minister elaborates in great detail all the new elements that will shape the 5Stelle movement that he leads. ‘A fairer and more supportive society’,Better life chances ever“,”Equitable and sustainable well-being“These are just some of the main points of the Pentastellate. Then it remains what Conte presents as”Value Stainless“For movement, and it”The principle of legitimacy and the value of public morals for our political community“, Implemented by grillini by approving the anti-corruption campaign and reforms in the field of justice.

And here begins the attack on one of the representatives of the league.“We still consider what a government official said as intolerable, for example Claudio DurrigonStill exists despite the serious data that has been revealed, “ We read in the post Giuseppe. “We believe in the necessity of clarity: even if it is a mere boast, we will still face statements that restore a corrupt idea of ​​institutions, light years away from the concepts of “discipline and honor” stipulated in Article 54 of our website. The constitution refers to the exercise of public office“.

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In short, the former prime minister did not forget the statements of the university vice-president who, after the publication of his “Follow the Money” investigation, was conducted Fan pageHe commented, without knowing that he was being filmed:“We put the general who is conducting the investigations.” So the new political leader of 5Stelle returns to ask for Durigon’s resignation.

“Bug recognition”

On the other hand, the verdict is a little more gentle when it comes to commenting on 5Stelle’s movement slides. In his long post, Giuseppe spoke a case Simon AugettiLodi Mayor of the Democratic Labor Party was arrested and forced to resign in 2016, and he’s now acquitted because the truth isn’t there. Only in the last few days did they discuss the apology of Minister Luigi Di Maio, who came to admit that he had done so. “Worsening climate” At the time of the facts and determine howHideous and indecentSome of the Modalities 5Stelle Used in Political Debate.

a “Important process maturation collectiveAccording to Giuseppe Conte, who took the side of the former deputy prime minister, explaining howIdentify some of the undertones and styles used in the past as errors‘Means to take into account’Respect for the person in his individual and social dimension“, Why “We do not acknowledge the supreme “cause” of sacrificing human dignity and the effective protection of their fundamental rights and freedoms“.

He asserts that transparency, loyalty and moral rigor are the fundamental principles of the movement, and he recalls once again the maturing process of his party and the battles it has fought so far. Certainly motivated by excessive enthusiasm, the former prime minister comes to confirm:We will be an open and welcoming force. But it is also so relentless that we will not be willing to negotiate our principles and distort our valuesOn the issue of principles and values, however, it is best to spread the proverbial “merciful veil” before reminding the grillini leader An exciting transformation Such as “Never with the party of Bibiano”, the struggle against Messes, the determination of the second term or the referendum to leave the euro, just to name a few.

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Line of motion

In any case, Giuseppe calmly continues his entrusted speech to the Facebook pages, indicating that his party hasTouchable with Strong and Urgent Choices The value of public morals. To all those who dare to question the line of the new movement or even to “exploit this path of maturity”, the former prime minister asserts a complete disappointment.

On the broader topic justiceGiuseppe Conte concludes,The movement possesses the skills and capabilities to express a solid and mature legal culture. In the name of a faster, more efficient, more equitable, and more equitable “justice system,” we will continue to ensure our commitment to the utmost degree to implement reforms already begun.Then he warns:The main way is to create a system that provides clear and specific answers to the question of justice, not shortcuts in the ‘Justice Denial’ tag“”.