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Conte: In 1982 we were united and united.  National?  I'm sure of that, but let's let Mancini do it.

Conte: In 1982 we were united and united. National? I’m sure of that, but let’s let Mancini do it.

Wednesday inauguration ceremony Sports City Accounts In Nettuno (Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi, Gigi Di Biagio, Vincent Candela and Antonio Cabrini also participated in the event). Bruno Conti Speak into microphones Sky Sportsspeaking of Citizen 82 That’s to Roberto ManciniWhich must be resumed after not reaching the World Cup in Qatar.

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Nujoom and Padel, on the pitch at FC Bruno Conte

We are in Nettuno, Kingdom of Bruno Conti.

“I lived there and there was this relationship for a lifetime. Even when I played in Rome and trained in Trigoria, I traveled by car: over here and the My home / my hometown“.

Here the union with Padel is known, a sport that is becoming more and more popular. Today there was the opening of a center where the whole Conte family was present, but you brought together the wonderful football family: from your teammates in 1982 to Totti and De Rossi.

“We have opened the center for families-You can bring the children. After the Al-Badil stadiums, we started working on the Al-Badil stadiums kickand he Our daily bread. It’s a reality Important. I thank all the comrades who attended, from Cabrini to the Abbey, to Totti and De Rossi. Nobody left us was behind. I’d like to give a special thanks to Daniele (De Rossi, editor), for having been on a 22-day regression and coming back at 5.30am, but today he wanted to be a part of this family. I thank him as well as everyone extraordinary friends“.

Today winning wasn’t important, it was important to friendship. What is the value of winning the 82nd World Cup? Cabrini defined you as a brother, so what remains the legacy of that winning, strong and cohesive group? And above all with that teacher who was Bearzot…

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“We have all known, already since retirement, that media pills Towards Berzot, the call of Paolo Rossi … a set of things that we have It brought a lot of difficulties. In the first round, the three draws (against Poland, Peru and Cameroon, editor) caused a stir controversy. The national team had many players in the Juventus group who put on a show and gave a lot. We mentally opened ourselves up in the match againstArgentinaand gave us Serenity. We got through the round with three draws, and then we proved it that groupwho is still sending messages today, was built And the coherent, followed by great leader Like Bearzot and with leader Starting with Gaetano syria and Caesar Maldini. Today we made a presentation, because we’re getting close to it forty years From the World Cup victory. Even today there is talk of the World Cup in which we beat great national teams. We are proud Still today from palrarne.”

After those World Cups, Pele called you “Marazico”.

“It was great satiate. We toured with Roma in 1980 and Pele played with Cosmos. I don’t hide it yeah She was fighting to take a picture with him. Two years later, reading these words was one indescribable joy And great satisfaction.”

Today there was also Bruno Conte Jr, he is always like you, he plays for Cagliari and he signed his first professional contract.

“He didn’t take it from his grandfather because I stayed short and he’s taller (laughs). He’s one Good experience And it has features to have fun. We are waiting for him because he has to pretend in the future.”

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From the national team 1982 to the Mancini team. What is missing and what is missing from this national team?

We enjoyed ourselves, rejoiced and rejoiced Europeans. We have also been through this situation: between the World Cup in Spain and Mexico we have injury. At this moment, with our difficulties, Mancini he is Work for the future With a group of young people doing important things. After the defeat to Germany, I am very optimistic about the future, but no need to To be immediately controversial And the give judgments. For now, Mancini has to keep doing the work he’s doing for him Rebuilding“.