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Conspiracies of Francini and Speranza: This is how they wanted to bring Conte back to government

Conspiracies of Francini and Speranza: This is how they wanted to bring Conte back to government

It was Center left To topple the government Dragons. First with an attack of 5 stars, then with Pd and Dalemiani in the final blow. Background revealed by Renzi It breaks the whole narrative that the Left is coming together to continue its election campaign to regroup by shaking the bogey of the irresponsible Right.

“Democrats even had the nerve to point to the center-right as Mario Draghi’s ‘murderer’ after their Grillini cronies caused an irresponsible government crisis”, He says Giorgio Mule. “B.o Matteo Renzi revealed what is now obvious: the assassination of the National Emergency Majority was complete in an attempt to form a left-wing government. Assassins and instigators of attacks against the government“Indeed Renzi opened the microphone and said clearly:”Instead of trying to keep the Draghi government going, the Democratic Party tried to overthrow the League … and so, in a masterpiece, neither the League nor the Count voted confidence, and we went home. (See video). All are carried out through a strategy Francini And hope.

The left tried to attack persistence, which explains today Stefania Prestigiacomo, they wanted to oust the centre-right from the Draghi government and convince Conte to support the prime minister by re-casting the Giallorossi majority. “The broad field, considering the next policies, buried Draghi with the crazy mayonnaise of the five stars that BT wanted, and after a failed maneuver for some kind of Conte / Der led by Draghi, he also wanted in the end. The responsibility for this crisis must be borne by the centre-right. Fortunately – Presitigiacomo adds- These machinations of the lower kingdom have been uncovered and it is clear today who provoked the election and instead tried by all means to bring the government to the end of the assembly.“.

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Indeed, no one disputes Renzi’s revealed background.

In fact, anti-hail protagonists feel the country has been ruined by the populist policies ridden by the Giallorossi in recent years, and today they say they will not ally with the Five Stars. They were plotting to replace Draghi with a counterman and are ready to rebuild the Giallorossi coalition immediately after the election.

And to get there, they run an election campaign with a medical ring on lies and non-existent fascism alarm bells that repeat themselves at every election, rather than what the Forza Italia deputy called them. Simone Baltelli, question, understand and reflect on the dynamics and responsibilities of political realities. 5stelle, pd, and the fault of the left for the fall of the Draghi government.