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Consider this event - Libero Cottidiano

Consider this event – Libero Cottidiano

A Lightning It struck him when he made the phone call Thunder. On August 20 yesterday a 50-year-old man was injured. The incident took place in Stassima in the province Luke, On top of that Monte Pania, Near the Frio Refuge. From the first information it appeared that the lightning struck the phone directly and then it emitted an electric shock towards the person who was thrown to the ground.

Fifty-year-old he was airlifted to the Versailles Emergency Room (Lido de Camayor) with a 118 Pegasus helicopter rescue. Fortunately, it was immediately clear that his life was not in danger.

So, for that man, there were only minor side effects, so the fifty-year-old was taken to Versailia Hospital with a green mark.

Meanwhile, The National Alpine and Spological Rescue Force By its own page Facebook Reminds me of everything Frequently Pay close attention to the mountains Verification of weather conditions Already at the planning stage of an outdoor activity, prioritize regional Arba sites and follow seven tips to avoid a dangerous situation, more accurate and analytical than commercial weather services.

In short, if the predictions are not good, it is better not to go to the mountains. Because serious consequences can occur.

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