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Congratulations guys, the American dream is being renewed

Congratulations guys, the American dream is being renewed

Image from Askenews website

Rome, July 4 (askanews) – “Congratulations to our comrades in the United States. Today the American dream has been renewed for many of our comrades and the Italian descendants who made America better. Go hand in hand with progress, ”writes Michael Schiavone, secretary general of the General Assembly of Italians Abroad. July 4.

“Congratulations to our community in the United States, comrades who have made a tremendous contribution to the progress and future of that great nation that has become a reference point for Western democracies and international organizations.

“According to our comrades, the United States has represented the country of a thousand opportunities, Eldorado seeks fortune. Grandpa Giovanni, my cousins ​​and many villagers. The states are welcoming, hospitable and all: our comrades and other communities who came to those regions across different regions were discriminating chapters, they did not leave themselves by realizing the great American dream.

“Happy Independence Day and happy moments to our comrades, friends and relatives who live in the country with stars and stripes. Congratulations on a good journey on the path that has led to the strengthening of America and democracy and the broader sense of freedom.”

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