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Wall to wall on the way back to school. Let alone the government that is still the mouth of the minister today Patricio Bianchi, “Everyone in the class” insists again on January 10, asking local administrations, doctors, unions and principals to postpone the return of students to school for at least 15 days. President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo de Luca, He takes to the streets announcing that middle, elementary and kindergartens will not reopen because, according to him, “there are no minimum safety conditions”. The government’s speech, which has not yet been released, is expected to take effect from its release on January 29. Guaranteed action in the presence of enrollment of persons with disabilities.

However, De Lucas’ “flight forward” will be halted by the government, which has announced its intention to challenge the decision, but the cabinet will need a paragraph by the time it is set for January 13. The decree, approved on December 24, actually extended the restriction to the Red Zone “exclusively” to local authorities on the possibility of the administrator “disregarding the rules” in the case of outbreaks and widespread spread of the virus. . Sebastiano Leo, education councilor for the Buglia region, confirms that “being in a white area, there will be no legal framework for reopening schools.” In some municipalities of Calabria and Puglia, in light of the high number of victims, the resumption of lessons was postponed to January 15.

The results came just hours after the number one announcement in Weil Trostery’s decaster, which was abbreviated as “Presence has no second thought about going back to school.” As Emilia Romagna Health Councilor Rafael Tonini put it, “certainly does not belong to the regions.” In the field, an epidemiological picture is in strong and very rapid decline, which causes difficulties in tracking and screening. Governor Zaya of Veneto used the word “chaos” when talking about the school, and Nicolas Sicilian leader Nello Musumasi wrote a letter to President Drake “to represent the seriousness of the situation over the past few hours.” The anticipation of what will happen from Monday comes from Lombardy, and today the bell has rung in some educational institutions. There were many gaps between the students and the teaching body due to isolation (239 professors certified for the disease in the province of Sondrio alone). To the head teachers of the area, when the rest of the schools reopen, it will be like going to the thermopile: we did not go to Dad at will, we will come as needed.

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The order, approved on January 5, introduces, in fact, new rules for managing isolations: maternal, positive presence in the classroom, triggering a 10-day suspension of activities with only one case monitoring in elementary school. Used, it delivers a tampon on the first and fifth day after the case is discovered, and with two you go to Dad for 10 days. For middle and high school students, the law provides three different steps: in a positive case, you go to school in person and apply the duty of self-monitoring and Ffp2 masks; In both cases, those who have been vaccinated with the booster or who have been cured for less than 4 months are in the classroom, and those who have not been vaccinated go to Dad for more than 120 days; With 3 positives, the entire class stays at home and follows the lessons at a distance of at most 10 days. With these new rules, according to a plan developed by Tuttoscuola, about 200 thousand classes in ten days (more than one in two of the 296 thousand states) are at risk of interfering with their direct teaching. According to the Kimbe Foundation, “it is clear that the virus will make it harder to keep students in the classroom.” “Now everyone is focusing on vaccines, but for example, for those aged 5-11, we’ve done 400 thousand vaccinations in three weeks, some there are many, but really 3 million and 200 thousand more children need to be vaccinated,” says Nino Cordabellotta, head of the foundation.