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Conference League: events in Tirana, clashes between police and Dutch fans – football

Two Italians, presumably Roma fans, are in hospital after being involved in clashes with police in Tirana. One was hit in the face, the other from head trauma. A police spokesman said that “at least 15 other supporters” of the Giallorossi were to be escorted to a police station. Meanwhile, the number of injured in accidents among fans of Roma, Feyenoord and the police here in Tirana has risen to ten. In addition to the Albani’s being shot and the Italians, there are seven policemen, one of whom is “in serious condition.” This was announced by a spokesman for the Albanian Ministry of Health.

The security alert in Tirana and concerns about public order have been shown to be justified, due to the behavior of Feyenoord fans, who are prey to alcohol fumes. In fact, the Albanian Metropolitan Police confirmed that there were “three cases of accidents”, in two cases of which there were clashes, due to beatings and also stone throwing, between law enforcement officers and supporters from the Netherlands (so far in Tirana there will be about seven thousand). In the first case, an Albanian man was hit by a chair in the head in the fan area for Feyenoord fans, who were allegedly provoked by the man who then injured (he is currently in the emergency room, but is not). In special danger) who was singing the hymns of Rome. Eight people, not nine, as the police reported, have been arrested over this case, but they are not, at least for now, under arrest. Other incidents occurred in one of the “nightlife” areas of Tirana, hundreds of meters from the seat of government, via Mustafa Matuhiti. About 200 Dutch rioters clashed with police using batons and throwing stones at officers, and two of them were injured.

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Other incidents, besides related clashes between policemen and Feyenoord hooligans, occurred near Tirana Police Headquarters, in one of the central districts of the Albanian capital. Law enforcement special units also intervened and rejected the Dutch supporters, who headed towards Skanderbeg Square in the center of Tirana. A smashed windshield caused a police car. Meanwhile, riots have also been reported in the suburbs, which always regard Dutch thugs as heroes. Therefore, there is growing concern about what may happen tomorrow, when on charter flights the majority of Roma supporters are expected, whose number, according to estimates in Tirana, may reach twenty thousand. Those here, for now, have not created problems and prefer not to draw attention, and to avoid wearing T-shirts or symbols defining their Giallorussian religion. Many also avoid crowded areas.