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Conference in Insubria on how to change the profession of a lifeguard

Climate change and ever-higher temperatures are creating new dangers in the mountains: the risk of accidents increases for occasional visitors, residents living in alpine environments and lifeguard You face increasingly difficult and unexpected situations. So it is necessary to practice Dedicated professional, prepared scientifically but also physically, and the use of new technologies that allow this Maintain high safety standards In rescue operations, especially for medical personnel and guides who support him in the field.

These issues are at the heart of the international conference Mountain emergency medicine: an overview of the future of rescue and sport in an alpine environment.on October 7 and 8 at Aula Magna of the University of Insubria, at Ravasi 2 Road in Varese, with a satellite practical session that will take place in classrooms atCirculo Hospital Varese.

Experts from all over Europe and the United States will discuss altitude sicknesshypothermia, avalanche rescue, new technologies, mountain sports and the need to adapt to these conditions Rescue methodologiesand the creation of a network among Alpine universities that will be able to face increasingly complex, challenging and dangerous situations in the future.

The conference was organized as part of MSc in Mountain Emergency Medicine From the University of Insubria and the University of Milan Bicocca, based on input from Lombardy regionin light of the following Winter Olympics Milan-Cortina 2025In collaboration with the Institute for Regional Development – Eurac Research / Bolzano, Air Zermatt AG, I-Help and other important academic and rescue organizations.

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Conference Director is Luigi Vestiemergency and emergency surgeon at Varese Hospital, chief Hermann Brugger, the world’s leading expert in emergency medicine in the mountains. In the scientific committee: Federico Emiliano Gio by I-Help, Paolo Severgnini, Alberto Zuli, Lorenza Pratali, Giacomo StrabazonMasters Giulio Carcano from the University of Insubria Gianfranco Paraty Milan Bicocca.

Opens October 7 at 8.45 with Intervention by the President of the University of Insubria, Angelo Tagliabu On “The Role of Alpine Universities in Climate Change”. at 10 o’clock Peter Hackettformer chief of emergency medical services for Suffolk County, New York Lectio magistralis for altitude sickness. At 5.10 pm, the famous mountaineer from Varese also intervenes Matteo della Bordella To the comparison on the topic “What is the future of mountain rescue?” , with Jerrold Benner, Bruno Gilke, Luigi Vesti, Alberto Zuli.

On October 8, a lectio magistralis by Hermann Brugger Over 50 years of research into hypothermia and avalanches. 12.50 noon Conference conclusions Luigi Vesti.