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Competition, What Changes From Primary to Tlc, Overrides Notaries Rule – Economics

There is no review of shower privileges – only assigning existing privilegesI – There is not even a release of street vendor licenses. In the new competition law there is instead a rule that opens the passage of licenses Taxi – which has already infuriated the category – more transparency on the appointments of authorities and those of special primary hospitalMeasures to regulate hydroelectric concessions. Instead, the possibility of notaries working throughout the national territory was bypassed. Meanwhile, in the gambit, the ability to assign credit (or get a discount directly on the invoice) returns for all builder bonuses, not just 110% as expected in the script launched last week.
Beaches Land Record. There will be a “mapping” of all existing privileges, which will allow for a transparent process in light of a future fix. The map is used to get a clear picture of who owns it, for how long and at what cost. There is no decision, however, on the release of street vendor licenses. With respect to hydropower concessions, bid times are speeded up and replacement powers are enhanced, allowing the state to step in if areas lag behind.
Taxis and competition. The goal is to promote competition in licensing and protect consumers. By decree, within six months, the government will have to “adapt the offer of services to new forms of current mobility that use technological applications and platforms” to connect passengers and drivers, to “reduce administrative requirements” for bus operators.
Enhanced power assignments. To strengthen the independence of the various authorities (from Antitrust, to Consob, and from Agcom to Transmission Regulator to Energy Authority), the new competition law reviews the procedures for selecting chairs and members, entrusting the selection of candidates to an “independent and recognizable technical committee.”
more transparent health. Less discretion in appointing hospital administrators: the general manager will no longer have to choose between a group of three names only, but a rating will be placed (on curricula, professional titles, volume of activity, adherence to required profile and interview) and who will choose who gets the best calendar. The accreditation and agreement procedures for the new private health structures are then reviewed and made more transparent, which will also have to publish online reports and data on the quality of doctors’ services and activities. Facilitating the entry of shipped generic medicines into the NHS without waiting for patent expiration.
Waste, poles and fibres. Some waste management regulations have been amended: ARERA will set “appropriate technical and quality standards” for performing disposal and recovery activities. Instead, the rule that changed the licensing procedures for incinerators was bypassed. It is then scheduled to launch tenders for the installation of charging stations for electric cars. With regard to fiber optics, network operators and infrastructure managers are required to coordinate when carrying out interventions in the same area, to avoid “duplication” of excavations, and to facilitate the permit application process. Agcom monitors and may penalize non-compliance.
Stop phone services without consent. To counter the persistent phenomenon of unaware, fraudulent and irregular activation, telephone companies must obtain proof of customer prior consent before charging any third party subscription service fees.
RC cars. Companies with registered offices in other member states are also obligated to comply with the direct compensation procedure. This eliminates any potential discriminatory treatment at the expense of Italian companies.
Rewards house. Meanwhile, at the forefront of the maneuver comes a long-awaited novelty, in which both parties are starting to push hard: the extension of the invoice discount and balance transfer for all construction bonuses and for the entire refinancing period is back. in the text.

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