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Companies that pay employees to deal with it in other states

Companies that pay employees to deal with it in other states

Shock first, then roll up your sleeves. Within hours, American women began to put into practice the historic end Supreme Court 49 years later it repealed the constitutional right to abortion. While anti-abortion activists are singing the praises of victory and praising God, supporters have begun to make donations and offer voluntary concessions to associations that are guaranteed to help women trapped in republican and evangelical states. Voluntary interruption of pregnancy. Travel finance Those who were supposed to stop the pregnancy when the document was leaked in the winter were already created, but yesterday they were overwhelmed by the contributions they registered. Many major companies immediately confirm that their medical insurance packages include a guarantee of a full refund for the abortion trip. It is not possible to list everything that appears in the list, but only summarize some Netflix To Levistras, from Disney For Sony, from Tesla to JPMorgan SauceAnd. Half of American workers are women, most of whom are still in infancy, and the companies in question have acknowledged that imposing unwanted pregnancies on them would not only be against women’s rights, but also a loss for companies.


President பிடன் It said yesterday that the judiciary would be instructed to ensure that the rights of women who want to travel in search of abortion are not impeded, and that some more extremist governments may impose travel in the hope of anti-abortion. Prohibition of abortions elsewhere beyond state borders. For this reason, there are regions of the country, more liberal, that organize themselves, as it did at the beginning of the epidemic. Northeastern states such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts promise to welcome and help women from oppressed states. On the other side of the United States, the governors of California, Oregon and Washington have signed a multi-state pledge on reproductive freedom, promising to protect women seeking help in their three states. All three governors vowed not to cooperate with repressive governments if asked to arrest women who had escaped abortion. An aid fund is also being created in California to cover travel logistics costs as voluntary associations are committed to providing hospitality and assistance to women from anti-abortion and repression states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Missouri. Or Alabama.

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Words of anger

Amidst the bewilderment and outrage many voices of female leaders passed yesterday: “This terrible sentence is outrageous and heartbreaking. But make no mistake: in November we will vote for the rights of women and all Americans,” the Speaker of the House replied. Nancy Pelosi. Former First Lady, Michelle Obama The decision was called “terrible” and “should be a wake-up call especially for young people … if you give up now you will get a country like yours that has no values ​​you believe in.” Hillary Clinton She spoke of “a step backwards for women’s rights and human rights.” “We have to fear for many other rights – Vice President Kamala Harris – we have always dreamed of expanding the rights in our country, starting now with the right to freedom and the right to decide for ourselves and to stand together to defend them. Even in the world of entertainment and culture, the reactions are worrisome: “We fought for our body’s rights for decades, and today’s decision has snatched them away,” wrote the famous singer. Taylor Swift. Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren, for her part, has launched a plan for President Biden to cut off the legs of the most restricted states: allowing those states to open abortion clinics on federal land or in buildings. Shortly after Warren proposed the plan, other senators backed it.

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