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"Communists took money from Russia".  Now Salvini is threatening lawsuits

“Communists took money from Russia”. Now Salvini is threatening lawsuits

A parade of politicians in Gardabianca, where from Bianca Berlingoure, Enrico Letta presented themselves one after the other. Matteo Salvini and Giuseppe Conte. Matteo Salvini began by responding to Enrico Letta’s accusations of the Secretary of the Democratic Party and began again: “Only a few newspapers like the Communists and the Republic have received money from Russia in the past. I have never asked or received any money. They say names and surnames. Did the Democrats pay? If Russia paid the Democrats we would know that“.

The league secretary noted: “The United States is the only foreign country that has paid for and paid for my political activity to travel abroad. I didn’t go there. Others went there freely“. During the day, a note also came from the corporation:”Another warning, full of doubts and conditions, against Lega and Matteo Salvini, who defend themselves in every appropriate forum. Julia Friedlander and the newspaper that published them“. Then, in the note we add:”Unlike the publishing group that published ‘Russia Oki’ as an affiliate for many years, the League received no funding from Moscow.“.

Matteo Salvini returned to the issue of the budget variance, which at this particular moment should put 30 billion to support families and businesses: “The corporation asks to put 30 crores in debtThis is good credit because it saves jobs“. an unshared move.”From her friend Georgia“, which is in line with Mario Draghi’s decision not to continue in this direction.”Other European governments have intervened, and ours must help families and workers. This is another form of covid which does not fill hospitals but empty factories. It is wrong to talk about it later“, the Secretary of the League announced, underlining how there are important differences in this sense with Georgia Meloni, although the two allies agree on almost all the shared points of the center-right program, as repeatedly emphasized.”Maloney is wrong, the emergency of the moment is not the presidency, but the bills“, noted the club secretary.

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Salvini added: “Pension reform is to be done in six months and has already been calibrated, then justice reform, presidential rule, autonomy, once in government we will do it. But that’s not the problem tomorrow morning Fascism Or Russia, but a bill has arrived that you can’t pay“. And this is a step the current government should take, not wait for the new government:”There is a responsible government, it has found 13 billion to help some families, it is not enough. The Italian government in office should intervene, Letta and Meloni are both wrong: isn’t it time to help millions of Italians, says her friend Giorgia? Then it is wrong“.